Maw of Souls:
- New Dungeon available.

Scouting map:
Broken Isles zone quests now can be started from Scouting maps, visit your Order Hall for them.

Improved Bad Luck system:
- Our new Bad Luck system increase your Legendary drop chance up to 100% based on formula with played,quest,dungeon and battleground activity. Best source of legendaries still from World Quest chests, however Bad Luck system can guarantee your legendary from any source.

- Elemental Rebalancers legendary fixed.

- Several fall damage reducing spells fixed.
- Fixed bug that caused Artifact spells "disappear" after BGs/Arenas

General PVP:

- Pet damage is added to the Player damage done in BGs and Arenas.

Night Elf:
- Touch of Elune racial 1% haste fixed.

- Bouncy reduced falling damage fixed.
- Epicurean bonus fixed.

Demon Hunter:
- Riposte parry from critical strike fixed.

- Riposte fixed.

- Hati AI improved.
- Bestial Wrath no longer applied to Hati twice.

- Cauterize Master heal amount calculation fixed.

- Teachings of the Monastery all effects fixed.
- Provoke no longer can be caster on friendly targes.
- Chi Wave no longer hits PVP off targets.

- Ripotse fixed.

- Phantom Assasin now apply Symbols of Death on Stealth.
- Death from Above leap logic improved.
- Garrote 3sec silence added.

- Ascendance(Enhancement) now reset Stormstrike/Windstrike on cast.

- Channel Demonfire usable with Immolate applied by Cremation talent.
- Incinerate no longer AoE if Fire and Brimstone not talented.
- Demonic Gateway no longer interacts with non-grouped players.

- Riposte ixed.


- Dire Beast now try to charge the target when summoned.
- Dire Beast + Stomp AoE cast improved.
- Way of the Cobra fixed.
- Titan's Thunder + Dire Frenzy extra damage part fixed.
- Dire Beast Basilik damage increased, AI improved.
- Survival Tactics fixed.
- Separation Anxiety fixed.
- Wild Protector fixed.

- Crusade stacking fixed.
- Fixed a bug that caused Auras to fall off in some cases.

Death Knight:
- Obliterate Off-Hand damage corrected.Ű
- Riposet fixed.

- Holy Ward fixed.

Suramar Story Line:
Base Story line is now complete, more than 150 Quest available in Suramar zone.

New content:
- Trial of Valor: Guarm

Personal Loot system implemented:

Main Features:
- Now the default loot mode in Groups and Raids is "Personal", replacing Group loot.
- In most Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons and Legion Raids, the Bosses will drop items for individual players.
- Legacy Bosses and Non-Boss creature loot will be distributed using Group Loot rules.
- Only Master Loot overrides the Personal Loot distribution. The amount of loot remains the same (see below)!

How it Works:
- All Bosses drop 2 Items and +1 for every 5 player above 10 (3 items for 15 player, 6 item for 30 player).
- If you get an item, it is guaranteed to be usable with your loot specialization.
- 1 player can get multiple items.
- The items are tradelable for a limited time between raid members. (BoP tradeable).
- Make sure that you loot every boss! No one else can see your loot in the Boss, if you fogret to loot you might lose an item!

Midsummer Event:
-  Fully working now,  The Flame Keeper achi/title obtainable!

Tame Beast problems solved.

New contents:
- Trial of Valor: Odyn encounter.
- Emerald Nightmare: Mythic mode for 7/7 encounter!
- Mythic Dungeons become available up to Rank 11.

- Obliterate multiple items in a stack (Gems, Potions) gives correct amount of metarials.
- Memento of Angerboda trinket fixed.
- Coagulated Nightwell Residue trinket fixed.
- Nature's Call trinket fixed.
- Terrorbound Nexus trinket fixed.

- Meat Cleaver buff working as intended.

- Psyfiend fixed.

- Vodoo Totem only applies Hex once on every target.
- Earthen Shield Totem absorb fixed.
- Windfury Totem fixed.

- Ancient Mistweaver Arts fixed.

- Shield of Righteous now affected by consecration.
- Divine Steed no longer removed when attacking.

- Grimoire of Supremacy fixed.
- Conflagrate gives 2 charges of Backdraft.
- Backdraft cast speed bonus no longer stack.

- Lightning Reflexes fixed.
- Omen of Clarity proc fixed.
- Ashemane's Frenzy visual fixed.

- Bladestorm no longer shown as debuff.
- Meat Cleaver fixed.

- Greater Pyroblast dmg fixed.
- Firestarter fixed.
- Cold Snap fixed.

- Throwing Axes cast delay removed.
- Bird of Prey trait heal amount fixed.

- Shadow Dance action bar swap fixed.

- Trinity Honor Talent no longer causes bugs with PVP-mode.

Death Knight:
- Apocalyspe now does damage after the removed Festering Wounds.
- Crimson Scourge proc now reset Death and Decay/Defile.

Mythic+ Dungeon Update!

- Affixes implemented!
Currently working affixes:
- Bolstering(level 4+): When enemies die, they give +20% hp/damage to nearby alive enemies.
- Necrotic(level 7+): Melee attacks put on a stacking Dot that also reduces healing taken.
- Fortified(level 10+): Non-boss enemies have +20% hp and +30% damage.

- Base stats of all enemies adjusted.

- Other minor internal fixes.

PVP Item Reward Updated!

- iLvl of BG and Rated arena reward items has been increased!
- All items have Epic quality.
- iLvl calculation is the following (based on last week arena MMR)
1399-          840
1400 - 1599 845
1600 - 1800 855
1800 - 1999 865
2000 - 2200 870
2200 - 2400 875
2400+ 880

- Battleground win reward is capped at iLvl 870. Higher reward only given in rated arena at the moment.

Mythic+ Dungeon mode Available !

- Unlock increasingly more difficulty dungeons and get items up to iLVL 910!

Detailed information about what is Mythic+:

Some important notes:
Currently available Mythic+ Dungeons:
- The Arcways
- Halls of Valor
- Neltharion's Lair

How start Mythic+ mode:
- Enter the Dungeon on Mythic difficulty.
- Put the Mythic Keystone to the Font of Power
- The keystone Dungeon and the Dungeon you are in has to be the same!
- Press Activate
- You need a full group (5 players), and everyone has to be in the instance and out of combat!

How to get a Mythic Keystone:
- Complete any level 110 Mythic Dungeon and you will get a level 2 mythic Keystone.
- If your Keystone duration ends, you can always get a new one this way.
- You can only have 1 Mythic Keystone!

About the Loot:
- Loot iLvL scales with Mythic+ level, from 860 to 900.
- Mythic+ Dungeons only have loot at the very end, if you have completed all objectives (watch trash mob kills!).
- Mythic+ mode gives NO id, this means you can do as much as you want, as long as anyone in your group has a keystone.
- Depleted keystones gives no loot(!), but if you beat the timer it will be charged again.
- Loot is guaranteed even the timer runs out, if a charged keystone was used to start the Dungeon.

- Affixes implementation in progress.
- New players cannot enter the Dungeon after it started, but the initial 5 players can.