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Arena Season 14

We want to announce you the date of the next SEASON END! The date is 1st of June!

We will reset the arena season at EVERY realm. You can expect these actions and rewards below:

Monster realm:
-We will reset these achievements:
/2v2 -1550-2200, 3v3 -1550-2700,
5v5 -1550-2200/
-We will reset every arena team/rating and give out the seasonal achis and titles about PERSONAL RATING
-The top 3 team members /2v2;3v3/ will get a special cosmetic Tabard created by Monster-WoW, and Donation Points!
-We give out the Hero of the Alliance/Horde Rated Battleground Titles! Players, requires minimum 50 games and the highest rating.
-Every Conquest Point will be converted to Honor Point!

Ragnaros realm:
-We will reset every arena team/rating and give out the seasonal achis and titles about PERSONAL RATING
- Every Conquest Point will be converted to Honor Point!
- Season 14 Items become available.

Deathwing realm:
- We will reset every arena team/rating and give out the seasonal achis and titles about PERSONAL RATING
- The top 3 team members /2v2;3v3/ will get some of the special Deathwing token, giving them a huge advantage in the collecting - they can spend it later to buy the new and strong Deathwing PvP shirts and tabards
- Every Conquest Point will be converted to Honor Point!

WARNING: The Wintraders get permanent character ban, and our GMs will be more active in these days so do not risk it!

End of the season - 1st of June


- NEW Character Transfer toolkit released.
- Now you can request Donation point from the Destination Account. (Character Trade allowed via this system)
- Every Transaction is loged, you can see your character transfer history.

4.3.4 Cataclysm:

- Glyph save improved. Learned Iscribed Glyphs saved more frequently.

- Envenom no longer benefit from mastery twice.

Guardian of Ancient Kings(Retribution):
- Strength buff stacking improved.
- Target selection improved.
- Ancient Fury explosion damage fixed.
Guardian of Ancient Kings (Holy)
- Now also copy Divine Light.

- Sheild Specialization: block part fixed.

- Living Bomb: Maximum 3 targets limit fixed.

- Faire Fire(Feral): Damage correction.
- Shred Damage slightly increased.

- Deterrence 30% damage reduction fixed.
- Glyph of Freezing Trap fixed.
- Glyph of Dazzled Prey fixed.
- Sic 'em proc fixed.
- Pet Cooldown save improved. More Pet CD-s saved.
- Roar of Sacrifice fixed.
- Deterrence no longer removes aspects.

- Sinister Strike coef corrected.
- Revealing Strike coef corrected.
- Relentless Strikes: Double proc from envenom fixed.

5.4.8 Mists of Pandaria:

Diminishing Retuns fixes:
- Ice Ward has own DR, not freeze.
- New Stun Diminishing Category: Random Stun
Spells in category: Dragon Roar, Paralyzing Poison, Earthquake Stun.
- Unstable Affliction dispel silence no longer has DR.
- Seduction, Mesmerize DR corrected (disorient).
- Bad Manner Stun DR fixed.
- Blinding Light disorient DR fixed.
- Earthgrab root DR fixed.
- Charging Ox Wave stun DR fixed.

- Warbringer, Movement Decrease part fixed.
- Deep Wounds, damage calculation fixed.
- Fury Warrior: Flurry proc fixed.

- Aimed Shot damage fixed.
- Chimera Shot damage fixed.
- Careful Aim, fixed.
- Steady Focus, focus generation part fixed.

- Shadowburn, damage fixed.

Pet Battle

5.4.8 Ragnaros:

Pet Battle System:
- Duel Pet Battle and Wild Pet Battle implemented.
- Some Pet Battle Achievement fixed.
- Pet Battle Trainers in Capitals are fixed.
- Pet Battle Upgrades are available (Battle-Stones).
- Ranked Pet Battle Queue, coming soon!

Krasarang Wilds

4.3.4 Cataclysm fixes:

- Vash'nir zone handling improved: No more strange deaths. Underwater mounts are allowed.
- The Culling of Stratholme: Zombiefest! Achievement fixed.
- Movement: Rubberbanding glitch fixed. Movement animation will be smoother.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed casting some spells with macro even if they were in cooldown(e.g. Crusader Strike + Hammer of the Righteous).
- Various Quest fixes and Loot corrections.

All Classes:
- Pet Spell hit chance now benefit from owners Spell hit rating.
- Fixed the bug that caused buffs that remove cost on spells (e.g. Divine Purpose) to become bugged sometimes.
- Dodge/Parry/Block percentage against high level targets and bosses increased.
  Details: There was bug that reduced defensive stats against bosses by a small amount(~1%).
- Correction to HoT amount calculation. Buffs that only increase spell damage done (e.g. Solar Eclipse), no longer increase the healing done of HoTs.
  But buffs that only increase healing done will now correctly increase HoT amount.

Death Knight:
- Death Grip: No longer goes on cooldown if target is frozen/rooted. Grip speed significantly increased.
- Death Runes no longer fall off after map change.
- Glyph of Death's Embrace no longer working on self heal.
- Demoralizing Roar no longer remove stealth.
- Solar Eclipse no longer buff Healing over Time spells.
- Combo Points are cleared from all targets when entering Arena or Battlegrounds.
- Berserk adds 6/12 rage if Primal Madness is talented.
- New Moonkin visual for Tauren and Night Elf.
- New Tree of Life visuals.
- Nature's Bounty: 3 or more Rejuvenation targets detection improved.
- Eclipse handling improved.
- Glyph of Starfire: Fixed a bug that caused the glyph to increased duration only 2 times not 3.
- Glyph of the Treant only works for Tree of Life form.

- Pet cooldowns less than 20 seconds are saved when pet is dismissed (down from 60 seconds).
- Resistance is Futile fixed.
- Kindred Spirit pet maximum Focus part fixed.
- Hunter's Mark and Marked for Death no longer stack.
- Entrapment + Ice Trap fixed.
- Readiness no longer reset Dranei Racial.

- Dragon's Breath no longer removes DoTs if Glyph of Polymorph is active.
- Improved Flamestrike fixed.
- Arcane Missiles can only be cast once per buff.
- Pyromaniac mechanics improved. 3 or more DoT targets will be detected more accurately.
- Arcane Explosion no longer removes Arcane Blast (de)buff.
- Enduring Winter only proc from Frost Bolt.
- Ice Lance and Deep Freeze benefit from Mastery when Fingers of Frost is active.

- Ardent Defender 20% damage reduction part fixed.
- Inquisition increase the damage of Hand of Light.

- Leap of Faith pull speed increased.
- Glyph of Dispel Magic: heals 6% if 2 effects are dispelled.
- Spirit of Redemption fixed.

- Relentless Strikes fixed.
- Combo Points are cleared from all targets when entering Arena or Battlegrounds.
- Smoke Bomb no longer removes self stealth.

- Focused Insight proc fixed.
- Thunderstorm 40% slow fixed.
- Cleansing Waters: 6 second cooldown added, Heal amount increased.
- Ancestral Awakening: double effect fixed, now proc from Greater Healing Wave.
- Seasoned Winds fixed.
- Lightning Shield: Glyph of Lightning Shield fixed, 4P PVP bonus charges fixed, maximum charges cannot go over 9.
- Lava Burst + Elemental Overload: the bonus Lave Burst is also 100% crit if target has Flame Shock DoT.

- Soul Harvest gives 3 Soul Shards over the whole duration, not on the fisrt 3 ticks.
- Curse of Elements and Jinx no longer stack.
- Burning Embers maximum damage per tick increased, to match tooltip values.
- Health Funnel self damage corrected.
- Felhunter Spell Lock 6 second interrupt part fixed.
- Fel/Demon Armor + Nether Ward fixed.
- Matery: Master Dmonologist bonus damage to pet fixed.

- "Extra armor" item bonuses fixed (Kiril, Fury of Beasts: 700/790 armor).
- Moonwell Chalice trinket fixed.
- Apparatus of Khaz'goroth: mastery buff fixed.
- Golad, Twilight of Aspects: 45% Sinister Strike, Revelaing strike damage bonus fixed. Set bonus "Fury of the Destroyer" part not removed when casting finishing move.
- Souldrinker: Drain life amount fixed.

5.4.8 Mists of Pandaria Fixes:

- NEW World boss Chi-Ji scripted!
- NEW World boss: Yu'lon scripted!
- NEW World boss: Xuen scripted!
- NEW World boss: Nalak scripted!
- Timeless Isle World boss spawn is random. Possible bosses: Chi'ji, Yu'lon, Xuen.
- AoE loot: Every player who is near the world boss when it dies receives a fixed loot!
- Timeless Isle spawn reworked, better looking easier grinding and roaming.

- NEW Feature: Character Boost!
- Some buff stacking problems fixed (e.g. Horn of Winter + Power Word: Fortitude).
- Fixed vendor Arena Rating requirement check.
- Base Resilience set to 65%
- Fear/Confuse movement problems fixed.
- Achievement tracking improved (e.g.: "Gold Looted" achievements).
- Weekly Honor Cap raised to 12000.
- Total Honor Cap raised to 16000.

- Fixed quest rewards for 203 pandaria quests.
- Fixed 384 quest objectives.

Item Upgrade:
- Ranged weapon stats after upgrade fixed!

All Classes:
- Melee/Ranged attack speed calculation formula improved.
- Spell Haste now reduces overall cast time and time between ticks of channeled spells. Total number of ticks are unaffected by haste.
- Fixed the bug that caused buffs that remove cost on spells (e.g. Divine Purpose) to become bugged sometimes.
- DoT and HoT haste bonus calculation improved.
  Details: With enough spell haste some DoTs and Hots can have extra ticks.

- Solar Beam fixed.
- Sysmbiosis fixed.
- Starfall fixed.
- Bear Form: 50% increased haste and critical bonus from items part fixed.
- Bear Form: Rage gained from auto attacks fixed.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Glyph of Guided Stars.
- Glyph of Rejuvenation.

Death Knight
- Death and Decay area of effect fixed.
- Pillar of Frost immunity mechanics fixed.
- Conversion Runic Power cost fixed.
- Dancing Rune Weapon visual fixed.
- Rune recharge speed calculation imporved.
- Scent of Blood proc chances fixed.
- Death Grip: No longer goes on cooldown if target is frozen/rooted.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Glyph of Unholy Command.
- Glyph of Pillar of Frost.
- Glyph of Loud Horns.
- Glyph of Chains of Ice.
- Glyph of Soul Reaper.
- Glyph of Death and Decay.
- Glyph of Unholy Frenzy.

- Focus Regeneration: haste bonus calculation improved.
- Traps: Hunters can place 1 of every trap type(1 Freezing/Ice, 1 Explosive and 1 Snake).
- Focus Fire haste amount fixed.
- Rapid fire haste amount fixed.
- Cobra Strike fixed.
- Flare fixed.
- Go for the Throat fixed.
- Pet critical strike chance calculation fixed.
- Dire Beast damage increased.
- Dire Beast 5 focus regen on attack fixed.
- Powershot damage fixed.
- T15 4P bonuse fixed.

- Mastery: Icicles fixed.
- Ice Floes stacking fixed.
- Flameglow fixed.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Fingers of Frost proc chance increased.
- Glyph of Inferno Blast fixed.
- Glyph of Loose Mana.
- Stance of Wise Serpent: 50% haste bonus from items part fixed.
- Windwalker Mastery fixed.
- Uplift Healing Done increased.
- Surging Mist Healing Done corrected.
- Tigerseye Brew damage and healing bonus fixed.
- Healing Elixirs fixed.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.

- Divine Purpose: proc fixed, only proc from holy power spells.
- Holy Power: Fixed a bug that sometimes removed the "extra 2 holy power" buff and limited maximum holy power to 3.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.

- Halo Holy/Shadow fixed.
- Void Tendrils script improved.
- Lightwell fixes:
  - Unglyphed Lightwell: Heals a nearby party/raid member under 50% health automatically! Players cannot click the Lightwell!
  - Glyphed Lightwell:   Players who click on Lightwell are being healed for 50% more. Only works by clicking on the Lightwell!
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Glyph of the Sha.

- Energy Regeneration: haste bonus calculation improved.
- Smoke Bomb fixed.
- Subtetly Mastery fixed. No longer gives bonuses twice.
- Blade Flurry damage corrected.
- T15 4P bonuse fixed.

- Earthgrab Totem fixed.
- Capacitor Totem fixed.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Fixed the missing visual of all totems.

- Havoc: Charges shown on buff.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.
- Glyph of Havoc.
- Glyph of Siphon Life.

- Shockwave 20 second CD reduction part fixed.
- Bloodbath damage capped to 15000 per tick before bonuses.
- Rage amount gained from damage received fixed.
- PVP Power on Two-Handed weapons no longer stack.
- Fury warriors can now dual-wield Polearms.
- T15 4P bonuses fixed.


5.4.8 Mists of Pandaria fixes:

Timeless Isle:
- NEW World Boss: Yu'lon scripted!
- Timeless Isle World Boss spawn is now random. Possible bosses: Chi'ji, Yu'lon.

4.3.4 Fixes Cataclysm:

- Vash'nir zone handling improved: No more strange deaths. Underwater mounts allowed.
- Movement: Rubberbanding glitch fixed. Movement animation will be smoother!