New Feature adjustable XP rates:
- Now you are able to set your XP rates fit your gamestyle ingame:

Type ingame:   .setrate  1 (for Blizzlike) or setrate 1-12 for any custom rates.

- Northrend Dungeon Event added.
- Item and Level Downscale implemented.
- LFG system support added for Timewalk.
- Timewarped items added for loot list. (iLvL660)

Available Timewalking dungeons:
- Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
- Gundrak
- Halls of Lightning
- Nexus
- Utgarde Pinnacle
- Pit of Saron

- Command Table added every Garrison lvl1-3.
- Legendary Ring Quest line fixed(available up to iLvL 690 reward!)
- Several crash points fixed in Mission&Follower system.

Garrison Update:
250 Combat mission added.
-  18 Trasure mission added.- 23 Patrol mission added.

- Gearing follower (by Items), fixed.
- Follower leveling fixed.

More building related Missions and other feature supports are comming Soon!


Ragnaros 6.2.4:

- Maximum pet attack ditance limited to 100 yards.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players in LFG from healing.

- Prysmatic Crystal: now does only 75% damage in PvP (based on Hotfix (2014-12-17):  http://wow.gamepedia...smatic_Crystal)
- Meteor: damage delay(3 sec) after implode fixed.
- Alter Time: mechanism improved.

Death knight:
- Runic power at pressence change fixed.

- Lightning shield no more remove Maelstorm Weapon.

- Eviscerate damage calculation polished.
- Sinister Calling fixed.
- Combat Mastery fixed.
- Blindside proc fixed.
- Rupture damage calculation fixed.

Death Knight:
- Runic Power at pressence change fixed.

- Phantasm proc fixed. Now only proc from Fade.

- Statues now properly show on totem interface.
- Several statue related bugs fixed.
- Transcendence: Multiple transcendeces spirits at the same time fixed.

- Ursol's Vortex pullback effect fixed.
- Guardian Druid Mastery

- Fire and Brimstone burning ember usage fixed.
- Drain Soul with Agony tick damage fixed.

- Ancestral Guidance proc maximum number of targets fixed.
- Maelstorm and Lightning shield proc fixed.

- Mortal Strike self buff (10% healing received) no longer appears as a debuff.
- Whirlwind offhand fixes.

Monster&Deathwing 4.3.4:

Isle of Conquest:
- Castle main doors now have LoS.
- Vehicles now correctly respawn at their bases, instead of where they were killed.
- Gunship teleport only applies 1 stack of parachute.
- Horde base 4th stack of explosives respawn time fixed.

Spine of Deathwing(Dragon Soul):
- Heroic Searing Plasma is no longer shown as a buff.

- Fixed a bug that caused problems when misdirection was removed inproperly.

- 250 New Quest and Quest Chain fixed! (Full log:



Twin Ogron available!
- Ko'ragh available! (script hotfixed @08.20).

 - Highmaul cosmetic fixes.
 - Highmaul added encounter progress checks.
 - Fixed item level requirement for Highmaul.
 - Twin Orgon script 80% estimated release 5-10 days.
 - Dampening mechanics impemented in arenas.
 - Arena rating gain/loss formula fixed.
 - Maximum item level for non-PVP items are limited to 660 in BGs and Arenas.

 - Battle Stance rage generatio increased by 100% (according to retail formula)
 - Arms warriors can generate rage in Defensive Stance at 50% rate.
 - Avatar removes roots/slows.
 - Stance changing spells are now correctly working if not is the required stance (e.g. Colossus smash in Def stance).
 - Glyph of Rude Interruption fixed.
 - Soul Swap fixes: duration and stack are also moved with soul swap.
 - Kidney Shot DR fixed.
 - Anticipation now proc from all combo points generating abilities.
 - Holy Shield spell block, and return damage fixed.

 - Arcane Mastery:Mana Adept fixed.
 - Touch of death no longer working on bosses.

 - Main now correctly proc Predatory Switfness.
 - Starfall double damage fixed.
Death Knight:
 - Forst Strike and Obliterate damage reduced in PVP according to retail formula.
 - Abilities that require runes no longer give runic power if the cast was free (e.g. Freezing Fog free Howling Blast)
Ork Racial:
 - Blood Fury spellpower bonus part fixed.
 - 12 Crash Points fixed.
 - Legendary Transmogrifier added to the major cities.
 - Movement system smoothing, more responsive and precise position update.
 - Fixed an issue that caused some items bought from donate shop to not receive all stats.
 - Raid / Heroic dungeon reset system improved.
 - Fixed Void storage random enchantment stacking bug.
 - Fixed a bug that caused broken profession tab if profession specialization is learnt.
 - Also removed all old profession specializations from every character (e.g. master axesmith)