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Event Details:
Goal: Reach highest Ragnaros population.
Duration: Saturday 19:00-21:00(GMT+1)
Rewards: 750 population: Horridon boss unlocked in Throne of Thunders!
for every 100 over 750: +500 Honor and Justice Points!

Latest fixes:

4.3.4 Monster:
- Sunfire cannot be casted with macro if not in Eclipse state
- Conlagrate damage fixed.
- Combustion damage fixed.

5.4.8 Ragnaros:

- Shado-Pan Assault vendor, fixed!
- Isle of Thunder faction vendors are fixed!

- Murder of Crows fixed
- Frenzy fixed
- Focus Fire fixed
- Spirit Bond fixed
- Glyph of Liberation fixed.
- Ice Trap fixed.
- Cobra Shot fixed.

- Shadow Word: Death: No self damage

- Training Dummy interaction improved, no longer auto-remove debuffs etc.

cataclysm Monster 4.3.4:

- Damage bugs corrected
- DoT calculation update: Bonus Damage Done effects are added at DoT cast (not on tick). Bonus Damage Taken effects still added at DoT tick.
- Pet hit rating fixed.
- Hunter pet base damage and damage scaling increased.
- Fixed a bug that caused not working Masteries.
- Level 88 Raid Boss Armor lowered to 11977 (from 12138).

mopRagnaros 5.4.8 Update:

- NEW Arean Season started!
- Honor and Conquest vendors updated!
- Random echantements fixed on several Pandaria Items.
- Throne of Thunder: Jin'rokh the Breaker scripted!

- Imrpoved handling of buffs that give X% of benefit in any ways (e.g. Berserk 50% lower energy cost). This fixes a bunch of spells/talents.
- Pet melee/spell damage fixed (greatly increased in general)
- Pet hit rating fixed (now benefit from your hit rating)
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from gaining special powers(e.g. soul shards) after specialization learn
- Base 77% resilience fixedRagnaros 5.4.8 fixes:
- Base 77% resilience fixed.
- Flight paths given automatially.
- Spell Critical damage bonus fixed.
- Random Battleground Honor gain ammount fixed.
- Talent/Specialization resets are free for the next week.

- Glyph of Decoy fixed
- Vanish fixed.
- Shadow Blades fixed.
- Blindside fixed.
- Relentless Strikes fixed.

- Blink Strikes fixed
- Pet Basic attacks (Claw, Bite) fixed

- Arcane Missiles proc fixed
- Mirror Image fixed

- Rage no longer lost after stance change
- Rage generation in protection specialization fixed
- Second Wind fixed
- Intervene and Safeguard fixed

- Seal of Insight heal fixed
- Grand Crusader fixed

- Lava burst crit/ bonus damage fixed.

Death Knight:
- Death Grip fixed.

- Surging Mist and Enveloping Mist can be casted during Shooting Mist
- Renewing Mist HoT part fixed
- Xuen, The White Tiger damage increased
- Roll, Flying Serpent Kick speed corrected

- Dream of Cenarius fixed in Balance, Resto and Cat spec
- Energy won't go to 0 when entering Cat form
- Berserk no longer increase energy costs after expire

- Demonic circle fixed
- Demonic Gateway fixed
- Fel flames mechanics fixed
- Demon spell damages fixed
- Wrathguard and Shivarra off-hand damage fixed
- Mortal Coil fixed.
- Blood Horror fixed.
- Malefic Grasp fixed.
- Fixed the bug that caused to always have the same demon when you log in

cataclysm Monster 4.3.4:

- Highly increased stability and several expoits removed.

- Holy Shield + 20% block value bonus fixed.
- Ardent Defender, last hit effect fixed.
- Protection Mastery, stat update (visual bug) fixed.Paladin:

- Several Trinket proc percent and ICD fixed!

- Argent Tournament Alliance Questline fixed.

mopRagnaros 5.0.5 Update:

- Vanish and Stealth workaround.

Heart of Fear:
- Grand Empress Shek'zeer 10/25N scripted.
- Heroic 10 Man difficulty available.

Mogu'shan Vaults:
- Elegon some correction.
- Heroic 10 Man difficulty available.

Ragnaros 5.4.8 Announcement:

After a long and hard period of development, we are ready to announce our MoP 5.4.8 project is near to release. In this version we focused to bring the most blizzlike quality, without any compromise!

Upcomming features and development state:

- 9 Working Heroic and Normal Dungeon!
- 3 Working Raid!
- MoP Rated Battleground support!
- New Battlegrounds
- Throne of Thunder
- Isle of Giant
- Timeless Isle
- Every Cataclysm Raids and Dungeons!

5.4.8 coming into Ragnaros Realm before end of October!

cataclysm Monster 4.3.4 Update:

- Polymorph remove movement glitch fixed.
- Client crash fixes.
- LoS(Line of sight) system improve.

- Mind Spike DoT removing glitch fixed! (Now it remove your DoTs only).
- Shadow Word: Death (Polymorph remove)

Death Knight:
- Anti-Magic Shield improvement

mop Ragnaros 5.0.5 Update:

Heart of Fear(Raid) 10/25 Normal:
- Wind Lord Mel'jarak 100% scripted!
- Amber-Shaper Un'sok 100% scripted!

Stormstout Brewery (Heroic):
- Ook-Ook 75% scripted!
- Hoptallus 100% scripted!
- Yan-Zhu the Uncasked 100% scripted!

Dragon Soul:
- Madness of Deathwing encounter fixed.

- Stuck in Combat fixes.
- Client crash fixes.

- Dash mechanics fixed.
- Dash and Drakflight(Worgen Racial) fixed.

- Harvest Life Damage/Healing calculation fixed.
- Havok stack using fixed.
- Immolate Burning Embers generation fixed.

- Provoke mechanics fixed.