Check out our new teaser! We are almost there, but are you prepared for the new challenge?

Legion BETA release: 01.12.2016

Official release: 09.12.2016

What can we offer at our BETA release?

- New class: Demon Hunter;
- New continent: The Broken Isles;
- Artifacts: customizable weapons;
- Class Halls: unique to your class;
- New world bosses;
- Level cap: level 110;
- Hundreds of new quests, achievements and more....

Good to know:

- Standard rate is 4x, however, rates will be 12x for the first week of official release;
- Every character made in BETA will be removed when we officially release;
- Do NOT expect everything to be perfect during BETA, we are working hard and need your feedback to improve

About Ragnaros realm:

We decided to close the realm to focus more on Cataclysm and Legion development. We will provide free character transfer to our new Legion realm! It was a hard decision, we checked what was best for our players. Make sure you keep checking our webpage and forum, because transfer will be available only for a limited time (1-2 weeks)!

You can download our Legion client, click HERE for the available possibilities!


New Feature adjustable XP rates:
- Now you are able to set your XP rates fit your gamestyle ingame:

Type ingame:   .setrate  1 (for Blizzlike) or setrate 1-12 for any custom rates.

- Northrend Dungeon Event added.
- Item and Level Downscale implemented.
- LFG system support added for Timewalk.
- Timewarped items added for loot list. (iLvL660)

Available Timewalking dungeons:
- Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
- Gundrak
- Halls of Lightning
- Nexus
- Utgarde Pinnacle
- Pit of Saron

- Command Table added every Garrison lvl1-3.
- Legendary Ring Quest line fixed(available up to iLvL 690 reward!)
- Several crash points fixed in Mission&Follower system.

Garrison Update:
250 Combat mission added.
-  18 Trasure mission added.- 23 Patrol mission added.

- Gearing follower (by Items), fixed.
- Follower leveling fixed.

More building related Missions and other feature supports are comming Soon!