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Norushen:Siege of Orgrimmar

4.3.4 Monster & Deathwing

- Debuff stacking implemented by categories.

- 87 Quest fixed! (List in the Forum)

- Smoke bomb, now work for your Party members also.

- Mastery: Wild Query, will not break anymore Scatter Shot and Wyvern String.
- Auto Shot, will not break anymore Scatter Shot and Wyvern String.

5.4.8 Ragnaros

Siege of Orgrimmar:
- Norushen 3rd Boss released!
- Immerseus, Heroic encounter fixed.
- Encounter order fixed & Heroic Loot added where it was missing.

Throne of Thunder:
- Dark Animus, Heroic encounter fixed.
- Twin Consorts 10Hc HP corrected.
- Heroic Loot added where it was missing.

- Battleground deserters cannot join to arena.
- Arena leavers also get Deserter.
- Debuff stacking implemented by categories.
- Cast Slowing amounton Players  corrected (Mind NUmbing,Slow,Nectoric Strike....)

- Genesis fixed.
- Starfire and Starsurge damage corrected(~10% increased)

- Combustion calculation is not affected by resilience!
- Ice Lance damage fixed against Frozen Targets (from 200% to 400%!)
- Combustion damage calculation fixed, after Inferno Blast spread(exploit).

- Elemental Blast damage corrected (~10% increased)
- Elemental Mastery proc damage for Lava Burst, fixed. (~50% increased, 75% of the normal DMG)

- Hand ofLight damage is not affected by resilience!
- Glyph os Contemplation fixed.
- Glyph of Bladed Judgements fixed
- Hammer of Wrath damage corrected.

- Nimble Brew can be casted while stunned.
- Way of the Monk fixed.
- Healing Sphere now calculated from Attack Power only. (Highly increased for WW and Brewmaster monks)

Death Knight:
- Some Off-Hand spell damage corrected (5-10% increased).
- Ebon Gargoye damage fixed. (Highly increased)
- Necrotic Strike Healing absorb now decreased by resilience.

- Divine Insight proc rate corrected.

- Overpower damage calculation fixed.
- Slam damage calculation fixed.
- Mortal Strike damage calculation fixed.
- Storm Bolt Offhand damage bonus fixed.
- Storm Bolt bonus damage increased.
- Glyph of Burning Rage fixed.
- Glyph of Mystic Shout fixed.

- Camouflage stealth fixed.
- Glyph of Camouflage fixed.
- Glyph of Black Ice fixed.
- Glyph of Mirrored Blades + Crouching Tiger, Hidde Chimera fixed
- Glyph of Liberation double heal fixed.
- Piercing Shot now can be store damage.

Changelog September

5.4.8 Ragnaros

- Legendary Back non-combat visual effect fixed!

- Meat Cleaver proc count fixed.

Death Knight:
- Obliterate, damage calculation fixed.
- Frost Strike, damage calculation fixed
- Plague Strike, damage calculation fixed

- Chaos Bolt, damage calculation fixed.
- Fel Flame, damage calculation fixed.

- Divine Purpose(Talent), fixed.

- Spirit Bond + Stampede exploit fixed.
- Pet base damage scaling lowered slightly.
- Kill command damage greatly increased.

- Divine Aegis and Spirit Shell absorb amount cap fixed!
- Focused Will, proc condition fixed.
- Divine Insight(Talent), fixed.

3.3.5 Arthas

Full PvE Content Release:
- Icecrown Citadel now available(Gunship Battle included!)

Arena Season 8:
- Wrathful Gladiator gear obtainable.

- Every Loot and Vendor fit to 3.3.5 content.

Several exploit and crash points are fixed.

Raid Finder

Cataclysm Raid Finder:
- Baradin Hold 10/25N
- Blackwing Descent 10/25N
- Firelands 10/25N
- The Bastion of Twilight 10/25N
- Throne of the Four Winds 10/25N
- Dragon Soul 10/25N

Mists of Pandaria:
- Terrace of Endless Spring 10N(already available!)
- Mogu'shan Vaults 10N (soon available)
- Throne of Thunder 10N (soon available)

Additional Class/Quest/Encounter fixes in the Forum