Norushen:Siege of Orgrimmar

4.3.4 Monster & Deathwing

- Debuff stacking implemented by categories.

- 87 Quest fixed! (List in the Forum)

- Smoke bomb, now work for your Party members also.

- Mastery: Wild Query, will not break anymore Scatter Shot and Wyvern String.
- Auto Shot, will not break anymore Scatter Shot and Wyvern String.

5.4.8 Ragnaros

Siege of Orgrimmar:
- Norushen 3rd Boss released!
- Immerseus, Heroic encounter fixed.
- Encounter order fixed & Heroic Loot added where it was missing.

Throne of Thunder:
- Dark Animus, Heroic encounter fixed.
- Twin Consorts 10Hc HP corrected.
- Heroic Loot added where it was missing.

- Battleground deserters cannot join to arena.
- Arena leavers also get Deserter.
- Debuff stacking implemented by categories.
- Cast Slowing amounton Players  corrected (Mind NUmbing,Slow,Nectoric Strike....)

- Genesis fixed.
- Starfire and Starsurge damage corrected(~10% increased)

- Combustion calculation is not affected by resilience!
- Ice Lance damage fixed against Frozen Targets (from 200% to 400%!)
- Combustion damage calculation fixed, after Inferno Blast spread(exploit).

- Elemental Blast damage corrected (~10% increased)
- Elemental Mastery proc damage for Lava Burst, fixed. (~50% increased, 75% of the normal DMG)

- Hand ofLight damage is not affected by resilience!
- Glyph os Contemplation fixed.
- Glyph of Bladed Judgements fixed
- Hammer of Wrath damage corrected.

- Nimble Brew can be casted while stunned.
- Way of the Monk fixed.
- Healing Sphere now calculated from Attack Power only. (Highly increased for WW and Brewmaster monks)

Death Knight:
- Some Off-Hand spell damage corrected (5-10% increased).
- Ebon Gargoye damage fixed. (Highly increased)
- Necrotic Strike Healing absorb now decreased by resilience.

- Divine Insight proc rate corrected.

- Overpower damage calculation fixed.
- Slam damage calculation fixed.
- Mortal Strike damage calculation fixed.
- Storm Bolt Offhand damage bonus fixed.
- Storm Bolt bonus damage increased.
- Glyph of Burning Rage fixed.
- Glyph of Mystic Shout fixed.

- Camouflage stealth fixed.
- Glyph of Camouflage fixed.
- Glyph of Black Ice fixed.
- Glyph of Mirrored Blades + Crouching Tiger, Hidde Chimera fixed
- Glyph of Liberation double heal fixed.
- Piercing Shot now can be store damage.

Changelog September

5.4.8 Ragnaros

- Legendary Back non-combat visual effect fixed!

- Meat Cleaver proc count fixed.

Death Knight:
- Obliterate, damage calculation fixed.
- Frost Strike, damage calculation fixed
- Plague Strike, damage calculation fixed

- Chaos Bolt, damage calculation fixed.
- Fel Flame, damage calculation fixed.

- Divine Purpose(Talent), fixed.

- Spirit Bond + Stampede exploit fixed.
- Pet base damage scaling lowered slightly.
- Kill command damage greatly increased.

- Divine Aegis and Spirit Shell absorb amount cap fixed!
- Focused Will, proc condition fixed.
- Divine Insight(Talent), fixed.

3.3.5 Arthas

Full PvE Content Release:
- Icecrown Citadel now available(Gunship Battle included!)

Arena Season 8:
- Wrathful Gladiator gear obtainable.

- Every Loot and Vendor fit to 3.3.5 content.

Several exploit and crash points are fixed.

Raid Finder

Cataclysm Raid Finder:
- Baradin Hold 10/25N
- Blackwing Descent 10/25N
- Firelands 10/25N
- The Bastion of Twilight 10/25N
- Throne of the Four Winds 10/25N
- Dragon Soul 10/25N

Mists of Pandaria:
- Terrace of Endless Spring 10N(already available!)
- Mogu'shan Vaults 10N (soon available)
- Throne of Thunder 10N (soon available)

Additional Class/Quest/Encounter fixes in the Forum

Siege of Orgrimmar

Siege of Orgrimmmar release schedule:
- Immerseus , release @ 08.23. 10/25N!
- The Fallen Protectors, release @ 08.30. 10/25N!
- Immerseus , release @ 09.06. 10/25H!
- The Fallen Protectors, release @ 09.13. 10/25H!

About the Heroic Modes:
- During the SoO development our new extended scripter team spent more focus to Heroic mechanism than ever before. After several(hundreds) of try with our Dev Team we can say Normal mode need your best, for Heroic mode you should bring best of the best.