Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm

7.1.5 Legion:

New encounter,  Star Augur Etraeus available in all difficulties.
Hotfixes applied for Star Augur Etraeus based on feedbacks.

 Eye of Azshara:
Encounter rework part I. , more changes comming in next days.

Complete rework in this zone, now it has individual thread which provide a low latency PvP experience in entire Underbelly.

Mythic Dungeons:
Difficulties are available up to Mythic+ 15, (base ilvl 910 at M+ 15)


- Trueshot fixed, now apply Hunter's Mark and activate Marked shot always.
- Trailblazer fixed.
- Spider Sting fixed.
- Focused Fire fixed.
- Trueshot Mastery fixed.
- Counter Shot fixed.

- Disables fixed, now it work as it should.

Death Knight:
- Necrotic Strike & Necrotic wound mechanism fixed.

Spirit wolves rework, Doom Wolves and Alpha Wolf artifact traits fixed.

Monster 4.3.4

Special Santa Event:
- Santa Claus and our wonderfull developer Wondi made a special event with a small 8 Quest story line and a special reward which should be surprise.
- The event will be avaialble from 24th(4:00PM) of December until 6th of January!

Legion 7.1.5

- iLvL 940 legendaries are obtainable now, you need to complete the following quest  Touch of a Titan  to perform a ilvl910->ilvl940 upgrade.
Hotfix(12.17.) for Distilled Titan Essence, now work on every ilvl910 legendary.
Emmisary Quest from now are giving 2-4 Essence of Aman'Thul as reward.

Mythic difficulty available!
Spellblade Aluriel encounter available in Normal/Heroic difficulty.
- Trilliax encounter available in Normal/Heroic difficulty.

- Threat/Aggro calculation and handlig redesigned, now fully compatiable with Omen addon (link).

Cataclysm 4.3.4

- Feral druid bleed damagecalculation and critical strike bonus fixed.

4.3.4 & 7.1.5 changes:

Flexible Boss-based Lockout System implemented:
From now on players can join to any Raid regardless of the Raid ID, if the following criteria met:
- Both Raids has exactly the same boss kills.
- Only working on the following maps:
Legion: Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighhold
Cataclysm: Firelands, Dragon Soul
- Raid difficulty has to be set:
Legion: Normal or Heroic
Cataclysm: 10 Normal/Hroic, 25 Normal/Heroic

Legion 7.1.5 changes:

- DoT/HoT duration and tick frequency reworked:

1: DoT/HoT durations are not affected by haste at all. E.g.: Flame Strike duration is always 15sec regardless of your characters haste.
2: "DoT clipping" mechanic changed! All periodic effects can be refreshed when less than 30% of their original duration remains with no "clipping" or duration loss (the full normal duration is simply added to the remaining duration). E.g.: The target has a DoT with 3s remaining duration, if the same DoT with 15s duration is casted oh him, the new DoT duration will be 15+3=18s, and the tick timer will NOT reset.
3: When a periodic effect with a duration unequal to a precise multiple of the tick interval expires, a final tick will be dealt equal to the percentage of a normal tick duration that elapsed since the last full tick. E.g.: Flame Shock has a 15.0s duration and 2s tick time, so it will deal 7x normal damage and a final 8th tick for 50% damage.

-Combat system:
- Solve a bug which can cause combat in dungeon after wipe.

Garrison quest chain first part and Garrison lvl 1 re-enabled.


- Ursoc: Bloodfrenzy properly removed on wipe.

- Rateg Battleground Queue enabled.
- Kotmogu Temple multiple win bonus reward bug fixed.

Death Knight:
- Breath of Sindragosa 10 sec duration limit removed.

Demon Hunter:
- Eye of Leotheras fixed.
- Demon Blades proc chance fixed.
- Demon Blades now proc from Demon Blades auto-attacks.
- Annihilation Fury refund on critical fixed.
- Consume Magic Fury/Pain generation on successful interrupt fixed.
- Reverse Magic AoE dispel fixed.
- Demonic Origins 2 minute Cooldown reduction part fixed.
- Rain from Above fall damage removed, fall duration increase, damage corrected.

- Ysera's Gifr healing amount corrected.

- Chi-ji Red Crane healing effect fixed.
- Disable DR fixed.

- Deadly/Crippling Poison apply chances corrected.
- Bag of Tricks proc fixed.

- Ride the Lightning fixed
- Leader of the Clan fixed

- Flurry casted during Brain Freeze will now apply Winter's Chill.
- Ice Lance with Thermal Void talent now increases duration of Icy Veins if the target is considered frozen because of Fingers of Frost or Winter's Chill.

- Imp Firebolt 50% bonus damage from Immolated target part fixed.
- Imp energy regeneration doubled.
- Entrenched in Flames Honor Talent fixed.

- Psychic Link fixed. (Hotfix applied correct damage is 30%)
- Void Shift fixed.

- Posthaste removes movement impairing effect when triggered by Harpoon.
- Fury of the Eagle now benefit from Mongoose Fury buff.
- Trueshot fixed.

- Odyn's Champion max number of proc over the duration increased.

- Judgment mechanics & related talents fixed!
- Divine Favor interrupt immunity fixed.
- Avenger's Shield no longer silences players.

Court of Starts:
- Available in Mythic & Mythic + mode.

Return to Karazhan:
- Upper part is now available.

Cataclysm 4.3.4 fixes:

- Flexible Boss-based Lockout System implemented.
- PVP Trinket and Human racial will now give a 0.1s immunity to all crowd control mechanics (as it should).
- Will of the Forsaken now correctly share CD with similar effects.

- Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps, tentacle AI improved.

Death Knight:

- Raise Ally is now correctly applies Void-Touched debuff on the risen ally. Void-Touched allies no longer resurrectable by Raise Ally.
- Chains of Ice applies Ebon Plaguebringer debuff on target.
- Dark Simulacum now only copy those spells which can be casted.
- Unholy Frenzy is now applied as a buff, not adebuff.


- Marked for Death doesn't remove Hunter's Mark. The two spells still won't stack.
- Aimed Shot cast suspends Auto-shoot during cast. Auto-shoot timer is reset after cast finished.
- Deterrence now protects from Charge Stun.
- Snake trap improved.


- Conviction proc from HoT/DoT criticals removed.

- Gouge no longer proc Main-Gauche.

- Molten Armor critical damage non longer applies Ignite damage.

- Atonement raidus increased.

- Hunters with Deterrence are immune to Charge Stun. The Charge effect still works on them.
- Spell reflect now work more accurate, and does not reflect Hunter traps anymore.


Hallow end:
- Hallow end event work as intend on both realm. Special thanks for Sendera.

- Fix a bug where party leavers teleported at the entrance instead out from the dungeon.
Fix a bug which  can cause Client freeze while using Dungeon Finder.
- Random Battleground now reward the usage with Mark of Honor.

- Caged Horror fixed.
- Infernal Writ fixed.
- Tempered Egg of Serpentrix fixed.
- Elementium Bomb Squirrel Generator fixed.

Temple of Kotmogu:
Re-enabled in Random Battlegrounds.
- Orb mechanics and respawn improved.
- Berserkering buff spawn time and position fixed.

Black Rook Hold:

- Instance script overhaul.
Darkheart Thicket:
- Instance script overhaul.

Charge mechanic improvement, still under testing/development.