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Deepwind Gorge
Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8(Ragnaros):

NEW Battleground:
- Deepwind Gorge

Guild System:

- Guild event log fixed.
The following event messages fixed:
- Guild member login/logout,
- New member join the guild,
- Member leaves the guild.
- Guild Rank editing improved.
- Guild Tabard desinger improved.

Catacylsm 4.3.4:

2vs2,3vs3 Solo Queue Skirmish:
- You can join into Queue with every NPC!

- Sacred Duty proc corrected.
- Glyph of Dazing Shield fixed.
- Divine Purpose reworked: Now correctly proc from Inquisition, Holy Wrath and Templar's Verdict

Dynamic PvP Gear Scale
Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8(Ragnaros):

NEW feature PVP Item level scaling!
- Implemented retail formula to properly scale down high-end PVE gear in PVP situations.
- The current item level cap(496) can be ascertained by participating in one of the related forms of PvP(BG, Arena), while wearing non-PvP gear above the cap;
  the gear's item level will be scaled down, with its adjusted item level reflecting the current item level cap.
- This system never works in PVE situations(gear is never downscaled in open world, dungeons or raids).
- Important Note: The system is in test phase now, if you encounter any bugs please report it!

PVP Power stat calculation updated:
- Healing specs receive 100% of the healing bonus but 0% of the damage bonus
- All other specs receive 100% of the damage bonus and a partial healing bonus depending on class.
- Damage specs for Druids, Monks, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans receive a 70% healing bonus.
- All other specializations and classes (including tanking) receive a 40% bonus to healing from PvP Power.

4.3.4 Cataclysm:

Guilds Perks:
- Working Overtime fixed.
- All bonus Honor/Justice gain perks fixed.

- Trap activation time set to 1 seconds (up from 0).

- Seed of Corruption:
   - Detonation mechanics fixed. Only one explosion.
   - Detonation damage corrected(increased).
- Soulburn bonuses only apply with soulburn buff.
- Soulburn version gives 1 soul shard if detonation is complete.

Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8(Ragnaros):

General PvP changes:

- Base Resilience increased to Retail 77%(+3% with Trinket Bonus)
- Battle Fatigue(Healing Done reduced with 65% in PvP).

Throne of Thunder:
- Primordius 10/25N released!

Death Knight:
- Howling Blast crit damage fixed!

- Chimera shot damage fixed!
- Explosive damage fixed!
- Black Arrow damage fixed!

Durumu the Forgotten
4.3.4 Cataclysm:

- Improved Mastery handling when changing talents. Players are less likely to "accidentally" have more than one Mastery active.
- Fixed several crash points.
- Attack Power enchants fixed(e.g. Dragonscale Leg Armor).
- Spell Penetration enchant bonus fixed.
- Stealth,Invisible,Shadowmeld... handling improved with some new method, we are waiting for your feedback, especially from Arena Matches!

- Shadowstep cannot be used while rooted.

- Heroic Leap cannot be used while rooted(no longer goes on CD if you fail to cast).
- Shield Mastery spell damage reduction only works with Shield Block.

- Soulburn removed on Drain Life cast.
- Dark Intent periodic damage done part fixed.
- Hand of Gul'dan root and stun fixed(if talented).
- Seed of Corruption no longer removed after first AoE damage.
- Glyph of Soul Link fixed.

- Seal of Command 7% weapon damage bonus fixed.

- Camouflage can be removed by AoE damage.

- Mind Flay proc Evangelism with each tick.
- Mind Sear cannot be cast on self.
- Improved Devouring Plague damage calculation fixed.
- Flash Heal from Surge of Light now proc Chakra: Serenity.
- Echo of Light: Correctly removed when not having Holy specialization.
- Archangel(Dark+Light): Damage bonus fixed.
- Evangelism: Only proc from spellcast, no more multiple stacks from Holy Fire and Mind Flay.
- Chakra + Revelations mechanicsfixed. You no longer get the bonus from Revelations if you don't have the talent.
- Glyph of Prayer of Mending fixed.
- Glyph of Power Word: Barrier fixed.

Death knight:
Dark Simulacrum handling improved:
- Cannot copy spells with 0 mana cost (e.g. Inner Fire)
- The copied spell is instant!
- Duration of the mirorred spells are limited to 60 seconds (e.g. Raid buffs).

- Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration, now correctly disables heal from rage.
- Skull Bash root/frozen check improved. No longer silences target and no longer goes on cooldown if you are rooted/frozen.
- Heart of the Wild extra 6% stamina only works in Bear form.

- Focused Insight Rank 1,2 fixed.

Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8(Ragnaros):

- Some power handling improved for the following powers: Chi, Demonic Fury, Soul Shards, Burning Embers.
- Horde/Alliance Global chat is available with: /join world command! (Both sides have their own World channel)

Dungeon Finder fixes:

- Dungeon Finder Loot system fixed!
- Dungeon Reward fixed, http://www.wowhead.com/item=90818

Arena Season 13
- Arena Rating and MMR rating calculation fixed.
- Season 13 Officialy started!

- Havoc: 3 charges from normal spells fixed.
- Backdraft: Can have a maximum of 6 charges.
- Molten Core: Soul Fire is instant if you have 2 stacks of Molten Core.
- Demonic Fury power handling greatly improved.
- Glyph of Healthstone fixed.

- Elemental Mastery: Elemental Blast proc damage corrected.