Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm

Demon Hunter
 - Soul Fragment (Havoc) generation on kill fixed.
 - Defensive Spikes (Artifact Trait).
 - Feast of Souls (Artifact Trait).
 - Shatter the Souls (Artifact Trait).
 - Deceiver's Fury (Artifact Trait).
 - Overwhelming Power (Artifact Trait).
 - Power Siphon (Artifact Trait).

Death Knight:

- Dancing Rune Weapon 40% parry fixed.
- Remorseless Winter 50% slow fixed.
- Clawing Shadows no longer strike AoE only the main target.
- All Will Serve (Talent) Risen Skulker AI improved.
- Army of the Dead Ghoul: Claw attack added.
- Scourge the Unbeliever (Artifact Trait).
- Gravitational Pull (Artifact Trait).
- Double Doom (Artifact Trait).
- Armies of the Damned (Artifact Trait).
- Portal to the Underworld (Artifact Trait).
- The Shambler (Artifact Trait).
- Ice in Your Veins (Artifact Trait).
- Mirror Ball (Artifact Trait).
- Mouth of Hell (Artifact Trait).
- Unending Thirst (Artifact Trait).
- Skeletal Shattering (Artifact Trait).
- Hypothermia (Artifact Trait).
- Umbilicus Eternus (Artifact Trait).
- Over-Powered (Artifact Trait).
- Frozen Soul (Artifact Trait).

- Ironfur stack overlapping implemented.
- Protection of Ashamane (Artifact Trait).
- Echoing Stars (Artifact Trait).
- Ashamane's Energy (Artifact Trait).
- Power of the Archdruid (Artifact Trait).
- Mark of Shifting (Artifact Trait).
- Nature's Essence (Artifact Trait).
- Bear Hug (Artifact Trait).
- Adaptive Fur (Artifact Trait).

- Trick Shot (Talent) fixed.
- Hunter's Mark now mark every targets hit by Multi-Shot or Sidewinders.
- Master of the Beasts (Artifact Trait).
- Jaws of Thunder (Artifact Trait).
- Mimiron's Shell (Artifact Trait).
- Critical Focus (Artifact Trait).
- Rapid Killing (Artifact Trait).
- Hunter's Advantage (Artifact Trait).
- Survival of the Fittest (Artifact Trait).
- Legacy of the Windrunner (Artifact Trait).
- Call of the Hunter (Artifact Trait).
- Marked for Death (Artifact Trait).
- Mark of the Windrunner (Artifact Trait).
- Healing Shell (Artifact Trait).

- Arcane Missiles no longer consume 2 charges on cast.
- Phoenix's Flames (Artifact Spell) AoE part fixed.
- Sloooow Down (Artifact Trait).
- Force Barrier (Artifact Trait).
- Rule of Threes (Artifact Trait).
- Arcane Rebound (Artifact Trait).
- Touch of the Magi (Artifact Trait).
- Aegwynn's Ascendance (Artifact Trait).
- Jouster (Artifact Trait).
- Phenix Reborn (Artifact Trait).
- Aftershocks (Artifact Trait).
- Frozen Veins (Artifact Trait).
- Clarity of Thought (Artifact Trait).
- It's Cold Outside (Artifact trait).

- Blademaster (Artifact Trait).
- Ghostly Shell (Artifact Trait).
- Embrace of Darkness (Artifact Trait).
- Poison Knives (Artifact Trait).
- Shadow Swiftness (Artifact Trait).
- Blunderbuss (Artifact Trait).
- Fortune's Bite (Artifact Trait).
- Surge of Toxins (Artifact Trait).
- Flickering Shadows (Artifact Trait).
- Finality (Artifact Trait).

PvP fixes:
 - Honorable Pennant item fixed.
 - Rated Arena now gives Honor reward.
 - Rated Arena Item Reward chance increased.

 - Elerethe Renferal minor nerfs made in script
 - Il'gynoth exploits fixed.
 - Arcway Mythic mode implemented.
General Spell Fixes:
 - Several spells that should hit targets once e.g. Cinderstorm, Stampede, Glacial Advance will now hit the targets only once.
Death Knight:
 - Cristylline Swords (Artifact Weapon Passive) implemented.
 - Bone Shield 2 second ICD added to charge drop.

Demon Hunter:
 - Eye of Leotheras (Honor Talent) 1,5 second ICD added.
 - Shapemender ICD fixed.

 - Stampede fixed!
 - Titan's Thunder (Artifat Trait) fixed!
 - Fists of Fury dmg corrected.
 - Arcane Charges handling improved.
 - Dsiplacement (Talent) when Shimmer also talented fixed.

 - Divine Intervention now trigger Dinive Shield cooldown as intended.
 - Gerater Judgement (Retribution) no longer select unattackable targets.
 - Blessed Hammer (Talent) fixed!
 - Power of the Dark Side (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Share in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Taming the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Speed of Pious (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Barrier for the Devoted (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Vestments of Discipline (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Raputure resets Power Word: Shield cooldown on cast.
 - Power Word: Radiance target selection fixed.
 - Borrowed Time (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Sins of the Many (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Plea mana cost increase fixed.
 - Archangel (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Dark Archangel (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Guardians of the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Power of the Naaru (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Ray of Hope (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mental Fortitude (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Unleash the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Blood of the Assassinated (Artifact Trait) bonus damage set to 30% against players.
 - Greed (Artifact Trait) fixed.
-  Bag of Tricks (Artifact Trait) fixed. 
 - Elemental Mastery proc chance calculation fixed. Chain Ligthning only proc Mastery once regardless of targets hit.
 - Chain Lightning 4 Maelstrom per target hit implemented.
 - Stormlash implemented!
 - Seed of Corruption damage required to explode fixed.
 - Sow of Seeds (Talent) fixed.
 - Demon Skin effect speed reduced by 50% in PVP.
 - Soul Leech, Demon Skin absorb fixed.
 - Non-pet demons can crit!
 - Sweet Souls (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Healthstone charges handling fixed.
 - Fatal Echoes (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Soul Link fixed!
 - Soul Link heal fixed.
 - Soulsnatcher (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Lord of Flames (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Shadow of Colossus (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Fixed several minor issues with Raid flexible scaling.
 - Creature Taunt immunity handling improved.

PvP System:
- Prestige lvl 1 Artifact Appearance implemented.
- Prestige lvl 2 Honorable Pennant reward implemented.
- Prestige lvl 3 Mount reward implemented.
- Prestige lvl 4 Title reward implemented.

Order Hall System:
Artifact Research Notes Work Order implemented.
Artifact Knowledge system fixed.
Class Hall Armor Sets and Upgrades implemented and fixed.

Emerald Nightmare:
- New encounter: 
Elerethe Renferal (Normal Difficulty)
- Il'gynoth (Normal Difficulty)

- Artifact Weapons now able to reset Traits. (You can find the NPCs in every Order Hall near Artifact-Forge)

- Boon shoulder enchantement system fixed. More information click here.

Arena / PvP System:
- Dampening system, implemented and fixed (1% decreased / every 10 sec).
- Arena Reward system bug fixed where reward ilvl were lower sometimes.
 -  Honorable Medallion is learned automatically when entering any BG. In case of missing spell just join a BG.

 - Promote to Guildmaster fixed.
 - Guild Master money withdraw from Guild bank fixed.

 - Endless Rage (Fury Honor Talent), enrage refresh fixed!
 - Frothing Berserker (Talent) buff no longer removed
 - Battle Trance (Honor Talent)
 - Focus In Chaos (Artifact Trait)
 - Meat Cleaver buff no longer removed by any ability
 - Odyn's Champoin (Golden Artifact Trait) cooldown reduction set to 2 sec (up from 1)
 - Traveling Storms (Honor Talent)
 - Earthfury (Honor Talent)
 - Elemental Attunement (Honor Talent)
 - Ascendance (Elemental Talent) lava burst CD properly removed
 - Icefury (Talent) can now proc overload
 - Lava Beam can also proc overload
 - Electrocute (Honor Talent)
 - Icicles damage scales with Frostbolt critical strike
 - Black Ice (Artifact Trait)
 - Ice Nine (Artifact Trait)
 - Shield of Alodi(Artifact Trait)
 - Temporal Shield (Honor Talent)
 - Polymorph breaks from any damage
 - Dragonfire Brew (Golden Artifact Trait)
 - Incendiary Brew (Honor Talent)
Death Knight:
 - Death Coil damage corrected
Demon Hunter:
 - Eye of Leotheras (Honor Talent)
 - Fel Eruption (Talent) stun immune extra damage fixed
  - Stellar Drift (Talent)

World Quests:
- Warden Quests: Rare creatures are now share kill credit.
~ 40 World Quest fixed&scripted on the last week.

World Quests:
 - World Quest progress daily reset improved.
 - Several World Quests fixed.
 - Conversations added to several quests.
 - Stealth bug fixed.
 - Several other spells that work similar to stealth (icon is unclickable while active) are also fixed.

Trinket fixes:
- Eyasu's Mulligan
- Darkmoon Deck: Immortality, Hellfire, Promises, Dominion
Shivermaw's Jawbone
Impenetrable Nerubian Husk
The Devilsaur's Bite
Horn of Cenarius
Orb of Tormen
Moonlit Prism
- Chaos Talisman
- Unbridled Fury
Chrono Shard (set)
Thrumming Gossamer
Flask of The Solemn Night
Bough of Corruption
Mote of Sanctification
Amalgam's Seventh Spine
Caged Horror
Ravaged Seed Pod
Eye of Skovald
Twisting Wind
Nightmare Egg Shell
Six-Feather Fan
Obelisk of the Void
Mark of Dargrul

Hardware upgrade:
- Server performance increased by  + 50%, to provibe smoother gameplay experience and allowing us to implement better quality content.
World Quests:
We can proudly announce that we just implemented the last part of the fully working World Quest system. In this changelog we will explain how does it exactly work.

Unlock World Quests:
- You must hit Friendly with the 5 major Legion factions to unlock World Quests, in the quest Uniting the Isles.
- Suramar Quest lines are fixed until Chapter 2, so you are able to get friendly status with The Nightfallen faction.
- The starting quest for Stormheim is now obtainable in Dalaran.

Emissary Quest:
- You can have up to 3 Emissary Quests at once to complete.
- Each day, a new Emissary will offer bonus rewards for completing 4 quests for a particular Legion faction.
- Emissary rewards got the highest chance to get Legendary items from every sources! and also give iLvL 830+ Rare items and Blood of Sargeras every time.

World Quests:
- There are hundreds of World Quest, but only ~20 quests will be up at a time.
- World Quests have a variety of rewards.
- There is no cap on the amount of World Quests you can complete a day. However, when you complete a quest, a new quest will not always automatically spawn.

Professions, Pet Battles, Epic Quests:
These features will be implemented later, probably when we finished with this huge amount of Quests.

/* On next Week PvP changes, Class fixes and new PvE contents are on the schedule for Cataclysm aswell*/