Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm


 - Vellum enchanting fixed!
 - Obliterate only gives 25 Obliterum Ash if the item had Obliterium bonus. Other items give 1-3.

Battleground Deepwind Gorge:
- Cart system exploit and glitchs fixed.

PvP Talents General:
 - Vim and Vigor 20% bonus healing working.
Demon Hunter:
 - Empower Wards no longer removed from first damage.
 - Burning Alive (Talent) fixed.
 - Spirit Bomb (Talent) implemented!
 - Fiery Brand 40% damage reduction fixed.
 - Soul Carver (Artifact) Soul Fragment summon fixed.
 - Chaos Blades (talent) damage calculation fixed.

 - Surge of Light (Talent) fixed.
 - Binding Heal enabled.
 - Divine Star return to caster fixed. Heal/damage frequency increased.
 - Halo damage/healing is now synced with ring animation.
 - Guardian Spirit can be cast while stunned.
 - Pain Suppression can be cast while stunned.
 - Inner Focus interrupt immunity added. 100% critical chance fixed.
 - Spirit of the Redeemer (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Holy Concentration (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Focus in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Say your Prayers (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Holy Mending (Artifat Trait) fixed.
 - Trust in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mass Dispel, Divine Shield dispel fixed.
 - Delivered from Evil (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Shadow Mend only applies DoT to Party/Raid members.
 - Dispersion prevent Insanity drain.
 - Void Torrent (Artifat Trait) prevent Insanity drain.
 - Void Ray (Talent) damage buff can now stack 5 times.
 - San'layn (Talent) 20% more Vampiric Embrace heal fixed.
 - Voidform Insanity drain increased by 0.5 each second.
 - Last Word (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Pure Shadow (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Edge of Insanity (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Shadowfiend AI improved.
 - Mindbender (Talent) AI improved, Insanity generation fixed.
 - Psyfiend (Honor Talent) implemented.
 - Mind Trauma (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Thrive in the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Glyph of the Val'kyr fixed.
Death Knight:
 - Icy Talons (Talent) fixed.
 - Chilled debuff PVP duraiton set to 8 sec.

General fixes:
 - Fixed "disapperaing" artifact weapons. If you have a Two-part Artifact weapon with a missing second part, try to unequip and re-equipt the item, it should fix the issue.
 - Custom Transmogrifier NPC fixed. You can now trasmog legendary items!
- Legion Fishing fixed.
PVP fixes:
 - Deepwind Gorge: Cart movement fixed.

Demon Hunter:
 - Inner Demons (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Rage of the Illidari (Artifact Trait) working.
 - Balanced Blades (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Anguis of the Deceiver (Artifact Trait) implemeted.
 - Demon Rage (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Contained Fury (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Charred Warblades (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Fueled By Pain (Artifact Trait) working.
 - Painbringer (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Fiery Demise (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Devour Souls (Artifact Trait) implemented.
 - Soul Rending (Talent) leech added to Metamorphosis.
 - Fracture (Talent) Soul Fragment summon fixed.
 - Feed the Demon (Talent) cooldown reduction fixed.
 - Fallout (Talent) implemented.
 - Demon Spikes damage reduction corrected.
 - Calming Waters (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Sense of Urgency (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Caress of the Tidemother (Artifact trait) proc corrected.
 - Healing Tide Totem, heal fixed
 - Servant of the Queen (Artifact trait) proc corrected.
 - Tidal Chains (Artifact trait) bonuses fixed.
 - Tidal Waves stack handling fixed.
 - Queen's Decree (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Queen Ascendant (Artifact trait) working.
 - Ascendance (Restoration Talent) no longer removed after first heal
 - Cloudburst Totem (Talent) healing storage fixed. Early recall implemented.
 - Crashing Waves (Talent) fixed.
- Deluge (Talent) works within Healing Rain.
-  Hailstorm damage fixed.

 - Sense Death (Artifact trait) proc fixed.
 - Rage of the Valarjar (Artifact trait) proc fixed.
 - Odyn's Champion (Artifact trait) proc and cooldown reduction fixed.
 - Battle Scars (Artifact trait) working.
 - Corrupted Blood of Zakajz (Golden Artifact trait) proc fixed, DoT added.
 - Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Touch of Zakajz (Artifact trait) heal wokring.
 - Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) rage cost reduces working. Buff is hidden but working!
 - Will of the First King (Artifact trait) only proc from Whirldwind criticals.
 - Defensive Stance (Talent) no longer shown as debuff.
 - Avatar (Talent) removes roots and snares.
 - Burning Determination (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Steel Trap PVP duration limited to 8 sec.

Legion Changelog

General fixes
- Well Fed is no longer stackable
- Flasks are not longer stackable
- Avoidance, Leech, Speed value is setted to 0 in PvP instances
- Training Dummies can be damaged now! They take real damage until 10% HP. This means that "drain" spells will heal you and "execute" spells can be used under X% HP.
- Adaption (Honor Talent) working properly!

Conflagration of Chaos (Golden Artifact trait) now it procs off only Conflagrate and buff works as intended
Channeled Demonfire (Talent) scripted
Eradication (Talent)  now it procs off Chaos Bolt, and not Life Tap
Roaring Blaze (Talent) scripted
Immolate now it has 15% chance to generate Soul Shard
Wrath of Consumption (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Soul Flame (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Soul Leech scripted
Demon Skin (Talent) scripted

Bullseye (Golden Artifact trait) now only stacks when the target is below 20% health
- Your pet is now properly dismissed after picking up the Lone Wolf  Talent
Terms of Engagement (Artifact trait) scripted
Bird of Prey (Artifact trait) scripted
Eagles Bite (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Aspect of the Skylord (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Mongoose Fury the duration is no longer refreshable at max. stack

 Wild Charge (Talent) now works properly in Boomkin form
Guardian Affinity (Talent)  Ironfur now increases your armor only by 75%, and not stackable
Entangling Roots now breaks from damage
Jagged Claws (Artifact trait) now increases the damage dealt by Thrash 10-30%
Embrace of the Nightmare (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Rend and Tear (Talent) now reduces your damage taken from the target
Guardian of Elune (Talent) now increases the healing of your next Frenzied Regeneration by 20%
Blood Frenzy (Talent) now generates only 2 Rage
Gore scripted
Mastery: Nature's Guardian scripted
Ashamane's Bite (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Feral Instinct (Artifact trait) scripted
Open Wounds (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Bloodtalons (Talent) now also affects bleed effects
- While stealthed Rake now deals 100% increased damage
Ashamane's Frenzy (Artifact weapon) scripted
Displacer Beast your movement speed will no longer reset from shapeshift
 Taste of Blood stack consumes only if Bloodthirst crits
Focused Rage (Talent) next Mortal Strike deals now 50% increased damage
Tactician now also resets the remanining cooldown of Mortal Strike
 Shadow Dance  now swaps the action bars and shows the buff properly
Soothing Darkness (Talent) scripted
Deepening Shadows scripted
Relentless Strikes scripted
Nightblade now reduces the target's movement speed
Shadowstrike script improved
Cheap Tricks (Honor Talent) scripted
Parley (Talent) no longer usable on players
Grappling Hook (Talent) no longer usable in root and snare effects
Deception (Artifact trait) scripted 
Roll the Bones scripted
Creeping Venom (Honor Talent) scripted
Deadly Brew (Honor Talent) scripted
Venomous Wounds scripted
Adaptation (Honor Talent) scripted
Tricks of the Trade no longer gives permanent threat to the target
Vanish now removes combat in PvP instances
 Oukej is
 Judgments of the Pure (Honor Talent) scripted
Consecration in Flame (Artifact trait) now increases the duration of Consecration
Bulwark of Order (Artifact trait) scripted
Scatter the Shadows (Artifact trait) scripted
Hallowed Ground (Honor Talent) scripted
Judgment of Light (Talent) now heals the allies instead of the enemy target with the debuff
Final Stand (Talent) scripted
Hand of the Protector (Talent) scripted
Consecrated Ground (Talent) scripted
Retribution Aura (Talent) scripted
Blessing of Spellwarding (Talent) animation and debuff are added

- Spiritwalker's grace no longer abusable after Spec change
Ride the Lightning now works as intended

XP Rates are increased to 12x(on Sargeras) during holiday season !

General fixes:
 - Server perfomance improved by 40%. You can expect a much smoother gameplay in peak hours.
 - Core also tweaked to work better in non-peak situations.
 - World drop item bonuses roll improved. In general quality items get higher item level.
 - Items from quests now can also get bonuses.

 - Fixed Enemy Frames during preparation.
 - Fixed showing of enemy specialization.
 - Removed blurry screen effect.
 - Enabled Talent change during Arena preparation, until 15 sec warning!
Order Halls
 - Mission rewards fixed in client. (Rewards already working but players didn't saw them).
 - "-1" required level missions disabled.

Artifact Trait fixes:
 - Sindragosa's Fury (Frost Death Knight), visual, damage and dragon animation fixed! Awesome spell check it out!
 - Invoke the Naaru (Holy Priest), summoned NPC no longer attacks or moves.
 - Hidden Blade (Outlaw Rogue), only proc from Ambush, guaranteed double Saber Slash fixed.
 - Seeds of the World Tree (Restoration Druid) fixed.
 - Dreamwalker (Restoration Druid), heal and proc fixed.
 - Demon Speed (Havoc Demon Hunter), 2 Fel Rush recharge working.
 - Call to the Void (Shadow Priest), Summon and tentacle spell cast fixed!
 - Tactical Advance (Arms Warrior), proc and bouns chance calculation fixed.
 - Shattered Defenses (Arms Warrior), bonus damage fixed.
 - Windburst (Marksmanship Hunter), speed bonus trails on the ground added.
 - Hati's Bond (Beast Mastery Hunter), Hati summon and basic controls fixed.
 - Spirit Bond (Beast Mastery Hunter), proc and heal amount fixed.
 - Obstinate Determination (Brewmaster Monk), 30 seconds internal Cooldown added. Enabled again.
Important Class fixes:
 - Druid:
  - Travel Form: fixed a bug that casued travel form to "stack" with other forms.
 - Death Knight:
  - Sindragosa's Fury: damage set to 40% in PVP.
  - All Will Serve: archer pet summon and basic control fixed.
 - Hunter
  - Pet HPand damage tweaked.
 - Warlock
  - Drain life damage and healing in Affliction spec fixed.
 - 20+ other minor class fixes.

General fixes:
Quest reward and World drop items fixed with proper Item level or Scale with item level attributes

PvP Changes:
- Default Critical strike damage bonus reduced to 50% from 100%.

Profession fixes:
- Material costs are match with Client datas now
- Rank 1-3 recipes fixed, more rank = less material cost!
- Gathering skills (Mining,Herbalism,Skinning) give rank 3 amount of resources by default.
- Dalaran Alchemy table fixed.

Neltharion Lair:
- Door Open/Close mechanism fixed at every encounter

Emerald Nightmare / Arena Season 1:
Our scripting team start the preparation for Emerald Dream encounters,  Arena Season 1 will be started same day with Emerald Dream release. However Skirmish arena will be available (with reward) in the next days.