- Elisande available in all difficulties.
Tichondrius available in all difficulties.
High Botanist Tel'arn available in all difficulties.
Krosus available in all difficulties.
Krosus encounte hotfixes.(02.15)
New checkpoint added Spellblade Aluriel you can release spirit closer to next encounters.

- All Tier 19 2 and 4 piece Set bonuses are fixed.
- Hotfixes on Love is in the Air event perfumes.

Monster Realm:

Global Cooldown syncronization:
- Now Global cooldown adjusted to you latency, it allow you to maximalize your DPS or react faster in PvP where every ms matter. It is noticeable mostly with high haste based classes(UH DK, Rog, Mage). (Also implemented on Sargeras realm).

Battleground rework:
- Battle for Gilneas, reworked. (Cache delete might be needed on Clientside!)

Pet follow rework:
- Your companions now following you more accurate which provide better visual experience and better position for control them. (After feedbacks it will be implemented to Sargeras realm also).

Combat management:
- Rework spells which should or shouldn't give you "In combat", it makes sense in high rated Arena games the full list will updated later, also need feedback from our PvP testers.

Quest and Content related fixes are continued by Wonderman, here is the full list just from January:

- Orc (Valley of Trials / Durotar) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Troll (Echo Isles / Durotar) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Undead (Deathknell / Tirisfal Glades) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Tauren (Camp Narache / Mulgore) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Blood Elf (Sunstrider Isle / Eversong Woods) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Item: Arrival of the Naaru
- Item: The Last Relic of Argus
- Twilight Highlands: Crucible of Carnage Arena
- Lunar Festival Event
- Easter Egg: Whispering Forest [Faerie Dragons Event]  (takes place every 1 hour)
- Lots of Quest Markers (poi) 
Gnome (Gnomeregan / Dun Morogh) -> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- Added missing recipes in Cooking.
- Many reports from BT
- Dwarf (Coldridge Valley / Dun Morogh)-> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- [Love is in the air] Achievement Flirt With Disaster now obtainable for both fractions.
- Human (Northshire Valley / Elwynn Forest)-> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)
- [Horde] Daily quests for Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur
- Loot for Bouquet of Red Roses and Bouquet of Ebon Roses  according -> here
- [Old Players 2011/12] Refund NPC can refund achievement -> An Honorable Kill
- Night Elf (Shadowglen / Teldrassil)-> Storyline (Quests, Npcs scripts, Objects)

Dear PvP fans and Deathwing players,

we would like to reveal a project that’s been under development for roughly two years now by Remedy WoW. This project is focused on the PvP aspect of the game and the development team has worked solely on that throughout their progression. During the development they united with famous PvP players who have shared their experience from retail to help to recreate the best Cataclysm PvP experience possible.

Monster WoW is ready to release one of the best Cataclysm servers out there. We aim to restore the memories and nostalgia of a once glorious cataclysmic PvP experience.

Our new instant 85 realm offers a competitive and quality experience for PvP obsessed players.

We provide optional entertaining features such as:
- Weapon enchant transmog NPC
- Transmogrification Items for 2v2 and 3v3 Rating
- Morpher NPC (Visible only to you)
- Arena Spectator
- Solo Queue 3v3 (with no rating reward)
- Character Template NPC, one-click Gear and Talent build!


What gear do I start in?
S10 390item level and you will be able to get offpieces for honor

What's the end game gear?
S11 with limited pve items (All proc items such as bonelink, vial will not be available)

How can we obtain pve gear?
You can get pve gear from conquest points same way for the cataclysmic pieces

What is mount transmog?
You can obtain a special kind of mount, that can be transmoged to look like unique creatures via an NPC. This NPC will be available a bit later after the release as well.

When does the season starts?
Pre-season will be active for 1 month from server launch, and then we will start the normal one.

What about current DW season?
Season will be ended at February 1st, reward(title/mount) will be sent out with Nemesis start.

What about Monster PvP?
We will implement everything which is possible into Monster realm in next months/year. To be sure the PvP is the same good on both server, but on Monster we should care about performance and PvE related changes also.

Future of our Deathwing realm:

We decided to close our actual fun/pvp realm, because Nemesis will bring better gaming experience in every ascpet. But your character are in safe!

The characters from Deathwing realm will be transferred to our new server, however we will remove every S11 pieces, HC items and legendaries as they won't be available on there.

The S11 will be mailed to the old characters after the first month, so they are compensated for the time they spent on our server. Titles, achievements, transmog gear, mounts will be transferred.

7.1.5 Legion:

New encounter,  Star Augur Etraeus available in all difficulties.
Hotfixes applied for Star Augur Etraeus based on feedbacks.

 Eye of Azshara:
Encounter rework part I. , more changes comming in next days.

Complete rework in this zone, now it has individual thread which provide a low latency PvP experience in entire Underbelly.

Mythic Dungeons:
Difficulties are available up to Mythic+ 15, (base ilvl 910 at M+ 15)
Mythic chests loot template extended.


- Trueshot fixed, now apply Hunter's Mark and activate Marked shot always.
- Trailblazer fixed.
- Spider Sting fixed.
- Focused Fire fixed.
- Trueshot Mastery fixed.
- Counter Shot fixed.

- Disables fixed, now it work as it should.

Death Knight:
- Necrotic Strike & Necrotic wound mechanism fixed.

Spirit wolves rework, Doom Wolves and Alpha Wolf artifact traits fixed.

Monster 4.3.4

Special Santa Event:
- Santa Claus and our wonderfull developer Wondi made a special event with a small 8 Quest story line and a special reward which should be surprise.
- The event will be avaialble from 24th(4:00PM) of December until 6th of January!

Legion 7.1.5

- iLvL 940 legendaries are obtainable now, you need to complete the following quest  Touch of a Titan  to perform a ilvl910->ilvl940 upgrade.
Hotfix(12.17.) for Distilled Titan Essence, now work on every ilvl910 legendary.
Emmisary Quest from now are giving 2-4 Essence of Aman'Thul as reward.

Mythic difficulty available!
Spellblade Aluriel encounter available in Normal/Heroic difficulty.
- Trilliax encounter available in Normal/Heroic difficulty.

- Threat/Aggro calculation and handlig redesigned, now fully compatiable with Omen addon (link).

Cataclysm 4.3.4

- Feral druid bleed damagecalculation and critical strike bonus fixed.