Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm

- Obliterate multiple items in a stack (Gems, Potions) gives correct amount of metarials.
- Memento of Angerboda trinket fixed.
- Coagulated Nightwell Residue trinket fixed.
- Nature's Call trinket fixed.
- Terrorbound Nexus trinket fixed.

- Meat Cleaver buff working as intended.

- Psyfiend fixed.

- Vodoo Totem only applies Hex once on every target.
- Earthen Shield Totem absorb fixed.
- Windfury Totem fixed.

- Ancient Mistweaver Arts fixed.

- Shield of Righteous now affected by consecration.
- Divine Steed no longer removed when attacking.

- Grimoire of Supremacy fixed.
- Conflagrate gives 2 charges of Backdraft.
- Backdraft cast speed bonus no longer stack.

- Lightning Reflexes fixed.
- Omen of Clarity proc fixed.
- Ashemane's Frenzy visual fixed.

- Bladestorm no longer shown as debuff.
- Meat Cleaver fixed.

- Greater Pyroblast dmg fixed.
- Firestarter fixed.
- Cold Snap fixed.

- Throwing Axes cast delay removed.
- Bird of Prey trait heal amount fixed.

- Shadow Dance action bar swap fixed.

- Trinity Honor Talent no longer causes bugs with PVP-mode.

Death Knight:
- Apocalyspe now does damage after the removed Festering Wounds.
- Crimson Scourge proc now reset Death and Decay/Defile.

Mythic+ Dungeon Update!

- Affixes implemented!
Currently working affixes:
- Bolstering(level 4+): When enemies die, they give +20% hp/damage to nearby alive enemies.
- Necrotic(level 7+): Melee attacks put on a stacking Dot that also reduces healing taken.
- Fortified(level 10+): Non-boss enemies have +20% hp and +30% damage.

- Base stats of all enemies adjusted.

- Other minor internal fixes.

PVP Item Reward Updated!

- iLvl of BG and Rated arena reward items has been increased!
- All items have Epic quality.
- iLvl calculation is the following (based on last week arena MMR)
1399-          840
1400 - 1599 845
1600 - 1800 855
1800 - 1999 865
2000 - 2200 870
2200 - 2400 875
2400+ 880

- Battleground win reward is capped at iLvl 870. Higher reward only given in rated arena at the moment.

Mythic+ Dungeon mode Available !

- Unlock increasingly more difficulty dungeons and get items up to iLVL 910!

Detailed information about what is Mythic+:

Some important notes:
Currently available Mythic+ Dungeons:
- The Arcways
- Halls of Valor
- Neltharion's Lair

How start Mythic+ mode:
- Enter the Dungeon on Mythic difficulty.
- Put the Mythic Keystone to the Font of Power
- The keystone Dungeon and the Dungeon you are in has to be the same!
- Press Activate
- You need a full group (5 players), and everyone has to be in the instance and out of combat!

How to get a Mythic Keystone:
- Complete any level 110 Mythic Dungeon and you will get a level 2 mythic Keystone.
- If your Keystone duration ends, you can always get a new one this way.
- You can only have 1 Mythic Keystone!

About the Loot:
- Loot iLvL scales with Mythic+ level, from 860 to 900.
- Mythic+ Dungeons only have loot at the very end, if you have completed all objectives (watch trash mob kills!).
- Mythic+ mode gives NO id, this means you can do as much as you want, as long as anyone in your group has a keystone.
- Depleted keystones gives no loot(!), but if you beat the timer it will be charged again.
- Loot is guaranteed even the timer runs out, if a charged keystone was used to start the Dungeon.

- Affixes implementation in progress.
- New players cannot enter the Dungeon after it started, but the initial 5 players can.

New Content:
- Lower Karazhan (Wowhead) :
    Opera Event (Mythic)
    Maiden of Virtue (Mythic)
    Attumen the Huntsman (Mythic)
    Moroes (Mythic)
Nightbane Event implemented! (Mythic)
-  Emerald Nightmare:
Cenarius (Normal/Heroic)


- Obliterium upgrade is now working up to 10/10.
- Character Unstuck now able to fix missing Artifact weapon problems.
- Personal Loot system will be ongoing test in Dungeons.
- PvP obtainable and World Quest gear item level increased up to iLvL 865.
Artifact System changes:
- Players shouldn’t be able to trade items which grant artifact power anymore.
- In 7.1.5 Artifact Knowledge research changed and become instant to make possible for fresh Characters get a decent weapon in bearable amount of time.

Tame beast bug solved.

- Maelstorm weapon proc fixed.
- Maelstorm power generation fixed.
Demon Hunter:
- Imprison duration and Honor Talent fixed.
- Odyn's champion Artifact trait fixed.

Other various hotfixes wre implemented in time to solved early days problem with 7.1.5 update.

PvP Changelog:

Death Knight:
            Blood Death Knights now deal 10% reduced damage in PvP (was 15%).
            Blooddrinker now deals 40% reduced damage in PvP (was 100%).

Demon Hunter:
            Unending Hatred now grants 10 Fury (was 5).
            Eye of Leotheras now deals 6% of the target’s total health in damage (was 4%).
            Rushing Vault and Pinning Glare have been removed.
            New talent: Demonic Origins
                The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 minutes, and now lasts 15 seconds.
                While not in Metamorphosis, your damage is increased by 10%.
            New talent: Mana Rift
                You manifest a 6-yard-wide mana rift under the feet of your target.
                After 2 seconds, the rift erupts, dealing 8% of enemies’ total health in Chaos damage, and destroying 8% of enemies’ total mana (if present).
            Mana Break now deals 15% of the target’s total health in Chaos damage. Total health in damage is increased by 1% per 2% of the target’s total missing mana, up to 30%.
            Vengeance Demon Hunters now deal 10% reduced damage in PvP (was 15%).
            Illidan’s Grasp cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (was 90).

            Celestial Downpour now increases the duration of Starfall by 100%, but you can only have one active at a time.
            Celestial Guardian magical damage reduction reduced to 20% (was 30%).
            Maul now deals 400% damage in PvP (was 100%).
            Guardian Druids now take 10% increased damage from players (was 25%).
            Guardian Druids now deal normal damage in PvP.
            Shapemender has been removed.
            Hibernating Growth has been removed.
            Enraged Mangle has been removed.
            Sharpened Claws now increases Swipe and Thrash damage by 100%.
            Overrun no longer shares a cooldown with Feral Charge.
            Den Mother now increases you and your allies’ maxiumum health by 15% within 15 yards.
            Demoralizing Roar cooldown is now 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).
            Toughness is now a level 34 talent (was level 37), replacing Softened Blows.
            New Talent: Roaring Speed
                Reduces the cooldown of your Stampeding Roar by 90 seconds.
            New Talent: Master Shapeshifter
                Your Feral, Balance, or Restoration Affinity is amplified, granting an additional effect:
                (Balance) After you enter Moonkin Form, you gain 30% spell haste for 10 seconds.
                (Feral) While in Cat Form, your damage is increased by 30%.
                (Restoration) After you Swiftmend, the cast time and healing of your Healing Touch is increased by 30% for 8 seconds.
            New Talent: Malorne’s Swiftness
                Your Travel Form movement speed while within a Battleground or Arena is increased by 20% and you always move at 100% movement speed while in Travel Form.
            New Talent: Raging Frenzy
                Your Frenzied Regeneration also generates 60 Rage over 3 seconds.
            Focused Growth now also reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom by 50%.

        Viper Sting now has a 30 second cooldown, down from 45.
        Scorpid Sting now has a 24 second cooldown, down from 30.
        Scorpid Sting now has an 8 second duration, up from 6.
        Spider Sting now has a 45 second cooldown, down from 60.
        Spider Sting's initial debuff duration is 4 seconds, down from 5.  Silence duration unchanged.
            Sniper Shot no longer has a cooldown (was 6 seconds).
            Steel Trap's out of combat Waylay bonus deals 150% additional damage in PvP situations (was 500%).

            Microbrew reduces the cooldown of Fortifying Brew by 50%, and no longer reduces its duration.
            Incendiary Brew is now renamed Incendiary Breath, is now passive, and increases the cooldown of Breath of Fire by 100%.
            Hot Trub now deals 50% of purified Stagger damage to nearby targets (was 25%).
            Guard no longer provides an absorb, instead it allows the Monk to Stagger 30% of damage received by allies within 15 yards.
            Eerie Fermentation now provides 5% magic damage reduction and 10% movement speed for each level of Stagger active.
            Counteract Magic increases Renewing Mists heal for 135% (was 125%).
            Healing Sphere now has a 15 second charge recovery cooldown (was 45 seconds).
            Surge of Mist now causes Enveloping Mist to have a seven second cooldown (was 8 seconds).
            Way of the Crane now also makes you immune to stun effects.
            Refreshing Breeze now increases the healing of Vivify by 20% (was 25%).
            Spinning Fire Blossom now always triggers Mastery: Combo Strikes.
            Disabling Reach now increases Disable’s range to 10 yards (was 12 yards).
            Zen Moment now costs 3 Chi (was 5 Chi).
            Control the Mists now occurs every 10 seconds (was 20 seconds).

        Cleansing Light is a new honor talent replacing Pure of Heart for Protection and Retribution. Cleansing Light removes all Disease and Poison effects within 15 yards of the Paladin.
        Luminescence now only activates on heals cast by targets other than the Paladin.
            Holy Paladin's template secondary stat distribution has changed:
                50% Mastery
                125% Haste
                75% Versatility
                150% Critical Strike
            Avenging Crusader now has a (35% of base mana) cost (was no mana cost).
            Ultimate Sacrifice no longer cancels based on the Paladin’s health.
            Ultimate Sacrifice’s damage transfer periodic is now 4 seconds (was 12 seconds).
            Protection Paladin's template secondary stat distribution has changed:
                25% Mastery
                200% Haste
                50% Versatility
                125% Critical Strike
            Guarded by the Light now stacks up to 2 times (was 3).
            Guarded by the Light no longer reduces the mana cost of Flash of Light.
            Hallowed Ground now suppresses movement speed reductions while allies are standing in your Consecration.
            Steed of Glory increases the duration of Divine Steed by 2 seconds (was 4).
            Retribution Paladin's template Strength is now 80%, down from 85%.
            Retribution Paladin's template secondary stat distribution has changed:
                25% Mastery
                160% Haste
                50% Versatility
                165% Critical Strike

            Solemn Prayers removed.
            Renewed Hope removed.
            Strength of Soul now also heals targets to which you apply Power Word: Shield.
            New talent: Trinity
                The duration of your Atonement is increased to 30 seconds and the healing transferred through Atonement is increased by 20%.
                Atonement can now only affect a maximum of 3 targets and can only be applied through Plea.
            Dome of Light now increases Power Word: Barrier’s damage reduction effect by 45% (was 25%).
            Power Word: Fortitude now increases maximum health by 20% (was 10%).
            New Talent: Ultimate Radiance
                Your Power Word: Radiance is now instant cast and the healing is increased by 250%, with a 6 second cooldown.
            Heal now heals for 200% in PvP.
            Prayer of Mending now heals for 150% in PvP.
            Delivered from Evil re-designed:
                Now reduces the cooldown of Leap of Faith by 45 seconds, but no longer creates an absorption shield on the target.
            Holy Ward’s cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds).
            New Talent: Miracle Worker:
                Holy Word: Serenity now has 2 charges.
            Rapid Mending now also increases the radius of Prayer of Mending by 20 yards.
            Divine Attendant re-designed:
                Now reduces the cooldown of Guardian Spirit by 2 minutes.
            Ray of Hope’s cooldown reduced from to 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
            Greater Heal re-designed:
                Heal increases the targets total health by 10% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 2.

        All Rogues template Stamina is now 100% (was 90%).
            Flying Daggers now also increases the radius of Fan of Knives by 100%.

            Thundercharge now increases the cooldown of all recovery abilities by 70% (was 30%).
            Calming Waters moved to level 34, replacing Inner Renewal.
            Earth Shield now has a 5 second cooldown.
            Earth Shield now provides 15% damage reduction (was 20%).
            Earth Shield now triggers at 8% health loss (was 6%).
            Earth Shield's mana cost has been increased to 15% base mana (was 12.6%).
            Earth Shield is no longer dispellable.
            Electrocute damage increased 20%
            Spirit Link mana cost reduced, and no longer has a cooldown.
                Targets linked now receive 100% increased healing from your Chain Heal and Riptide.
            Healing Wave now heals for 200% more in PvP (was 135%).
            Rippling Waters healing increased by 20%.
            Rippling Waters now also grants Riptide 1 additional charge.
            New Talent: Tidebringer
                Every 8 seconds, the cast time of your next Chain Heal is reduced by 50% within 15 seconds. Maximum of 2 charges.

            Soulburn has been replaced with Soulshatter:
                Soulshatter consumes all of your damage over time effects on the 5 nearest enemies, dealing 10% of their total health in damage.
                Each enemy hit by Soulshatter increases your haste by 10% for 8 seconds and grants you 1 Soul Shard.
            Soul Siphon has been replaced with Death’s Embrace:
                Death’s Embrace causes your Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Agony to deal an additional 100% damage to targets that are at or below 30% health.
            Soul Swap has been replaced with Curse of Shadows:
                Curse of Shadows causes magical damage-over-time effects to deal an additional 30% Shadow damage for 10 seconds.

        New Talent: Disarm
            Disarm the enemy’s weapons and shield for 8 seconds.
            Disarmed creatures deal significantly reduced damage.
            Arms Warrior's template Strength reduced to 105% (was 110%).
            Blood Hunt removed.
            Ready for Battle removed.
            Sharpen Blade now has a 25 second cooldown (was 45 seconds).
            New Talent: Storm of Destruction
                Reduces the cooldown of Bladestorm by 33%, and Bladestorm now also applies Mortal Wound to all targets you hit.
            Pain Train is now a level 8 honor talent (was 43).
            Shadow of the Colossus has moved from being a level 25 to level 28 honor talent.
            Shadow of the Colossus now also increases the Rage you gain when you charge by 25.
            Wrecking Crew removed.
            New Talent: Duel
                You challenge the target to a duel. While challenged, all damage you and the target deal to all targets other than each other is reduced by 50%. Lasts 8 seconds.
            New Talent: War Banner
                You throw down a banner at your feet, rallying your allies and increasing movement speed by 30%, and reducing the duration of all incoming crowd control effects by 50% within 30 yards. Lasts 15 seconds.
            Fury Warrior's template secondary stats have been adjusted:
                75% Mastery
                150% Haste
                100% Versatility
                75% Critical Strike
            Enrage reduces damage taken in PvP situations by 10% (was 20%). Warpaint further reduces this to 5% (was 15%).
            Blood Hunt removed.
            Death Wish now has a 15 second cooldown, and stacks up to 15 times (was 5).
            Protection Warrior's template secondary stats have been adjusted:
                25% Mastery
                175% Haste
                50% Versatility
                150% Critical Strike
            Protection Warriors now deal 10% reduced damage in PvP (was 15%).
            Protection Warriors now take 15% increased damage from players (was 25%).
            Tenderizer removed.