Monster WoW 4.3.4 Cataclysm


General fixes:
- Fixed some combat bug issue.
- Fixed that issue where Legion items cannot be equiped above lvl 110.
- Communication (chatting) betwen factions is fixed. (No longer available.)
- Taunt spells fixed for every class.
- Critters and low health creatures now gives you correct amount of experience.
- Portal to Orgrimmar added to Undercity. (Next to Hellfire Penninsula portal.)
- Heritage cosmetic sets added.

- Winterweil event fixed.
- Arathi Warfront event start at 18.12. for the Alliance !

World Quests:
- New Quest added.
- Emissary quests complete and reward fixed.

Demon Hunter fixes:
- Soul Cleave fixed, heal coeff using the real numbers now.
- Fixed an issue where Throw Glaive didn't do anything.

Warlock fixes:
- Chaos Bolt damage reduced by 6.18%
- Backdraft fixed, and re-enabled.

Hunter fixes:
- Kill Command (Beast Mastery) damage reduced by 30.98%
- Kill Command (Survival) damage increased by 2.48%
- Dire Beast pet damage and attack speed lowered to the retail numbers.

Zone fixes:
- Kennings Lodge, Winterdeep Mining Camp & Fizzsprings Resort off-storylines in Tiragarde Sound fixed. (Breadcumbs in Bridgeport.)
- Stormsong story lines, new quests added.

Fix pack(14.12):

World Quest system BfA:

- World Quest system implemented. If you find any bug, please report on bugtracker! There is still a lot of bugs, but we work hard on it. (picture)

-  Fix the issue where some old Legion transfered items cannot be equiped, items which still got this issue should be sold at vendor.

- Portal Trainers and BfA Portals are fixed.

Havoc Demon Hunter:
- Trail of Ruin damage increased by 12.18%
- Fel Barrage damage increased by 3.15%
- Fel Devastation damage increased by 2.55%
- Chaos Strike damage reduced by 30.57%
- Eye Beam damage reduced by 7.94%

Vengeance Demon Hunter:
- Sigil of Flame damage reduced by 69.97%
- Fracture damage reduced by 33.28%
- Soul Cleave heal fixed.
- Feast of Souls heal fixed.

- Blind Fury fixed, now generating Fury every seconds.
- First Blood fixed, now increases the damage of your Blade Dance on the first target struck.
- Master of the Glaive fixed, now slow your target.
- Chaos Strike fixed, now have 40% chance to refund 20 Fury.
- Fixed an issue where Soul Cleave costs more than 30 Pain.

Warrior fixes:
- Single target spells now consume Whirlwind stacks with Fury Warrior.
- Mortal Strike fixed, applies Mortal Wounds.
- In For The Kill fixed, works with Warbreaker too.
- Intercept now can be used on friendly targets too.

Hunter fixes:
- Focus Regeneration system reworked, used the official blizzlike numbers.
- Volley fixed, real proccrate added.
- Terms of Engagement fixed, now generates Focus.
- Aspect of the Wild fixed, critical strike increases added.
- Steady Focus fixed.
- Beast Handler Kalatak now flagged as Stable Master. (Zuldazar)
- Fixed an issue you cant place pets on the first stable slot.

Paladin fixes:
- Infusion of Light fixed, works only with Critical Strike.
- Art of War fixed, real proccrate added.


- Improvement on Personal Loot system
- Fix an issue with scalling quest items.
- Milling loot fixed for BFA herbs.
- Many,many subsystem implemented for World Quest system, release tomorrow.

Arms Warrior:
- Execute damage fixed.
- Rend damage fixed.

Fury Warrior:
- Whirlwind damage reduced by 24.71%
- Raging Blow damage reduced by 24.83%
- Rampage damage reduced by 54.59%
- Execute damage reduced by 26.41%
- Bladestorm damage reduced by 49.98%
- Furious Slash damage reduced by 50%

Protection Warrior:
- Shockwave damage fixed.

Warrior Talents:
- Sudden Death now let you use only one Execute.
- Death Sentence now works on Fury talent too.

Beast Mastery Hunter:
- Kill Command damage reduced by 30.39%
- Barrage damage reduced by 36.94%

Marksmanship Hunter:
- Aimed Shot damage fixed.
- Barrage damage reduced by 36.94%

Survival Hunter:
- Flanking Strike fixed.
- Wildfire Bomb DoT damage reduced by 7.12%
- Butchery damage reduced by 6.76%
- Raptor Strike damage reduced by 6.48%
- Carve damage reduced by 6.25%
- Mongoose Bite damage reduced by 6.15%
- Serpent Sting damage reduced by 5.71%
- Steel Trap damage reduced by 4.11%

Pet Spells:
- Bite damage increased by 29.58%
- Claw damage increased by 29.58%
- Smack damage increased by 29.58%

Hunter Talents:
- Flanking Strike fixed, the Hunter now jump on the target and deal damage.
- Chakrams fixed, visual added.

Restoration Shaman:
- Riptide and Chain Heal now applies Tidal Waves on the caster, and can be consumed only by Healing Wave and Healing Surge.
- Flash Flood talent fixed, buff applies after consuming Tidal Waves.
- Lava Surge fixed, can be procced only by Flame Shock.

- Scrapper system implemented! (picture)
- Fix an issues with Heart of Azeroth leveling.
- CC spell durations and DR system implemented for BFA.
- Vol'dun story line fixed.
- Tiragarde Sound story line extend.

- Dungeon finder fixed, under development Dungeons are now properly closed.
- Core mechanics improvement and features extend.
- Crash fixes
- Exploit fixes
- Tiragarde Sound story line, new quests are implemented.
- Nazmir story line, new quests are implemented.
- Stormsong story line, new quests are implemented.
- War-Campaign Scout map implemented and new quests are unlocked.
- Paladin class fixes.
- Rogue class fixes.
- Stealth mechanics improvements for every related spells.

- Crash fixes
- Respawn times adjusted
- Creature script improvements
- Quest script improvements
- Fix and issue with Auctionhouse loading after restart
- Profession trainers fixed in Horde zones
- Skinning fixed
- New Block mechanism are implemented and related talents are fixed.

We are happy to announce, that our Battle for Azeroth realm will be going to released  at 10th of December.  Here is some important information which you must know about Kul Tiras:

- Every Sargeras Characters/Guilds/Mounts/Companions/transmog will be transfered by default into Kul Tiras, but Sargeras will continue as a Legion server.
- All six allied races will be playable and available for Race change also.
- All new Continents and Warmode available.
- Max level changed to 120
- More than 100+ scripted Battle for Azeroth story line quests with cinematics are waiting for you, and this number is counting.
- Server rates will be 12x , what you can adjust from 1-12x for your own style.


-  Many exploit, anti-hack and stability fixes.
- 150+ Quest,Loot,Achievement related Bugticket fixed.

- Throne of tides rework
- End of Time: Echo of sylvanas script rework
- Madness of Deathwing script improved.

- Hunter Trap glithces fixed
- Kill command range check
- Hunter's Mark mechanic improved

- Restoration shaman healing coef fixes.
- Earth Shield mechanic improved.

- Glyph of dispel magic only heals if debuf is removed

Sargeras 7.1.5:

- Rated BG rating reward handling reworked.

- New Suramar quest lines added.

Cataclysm 4.3.4

Movement system upgrade:
- Pathfinding implemented in PvP zones, Pets and server handled movements (Charge,Fear...).
- Better movement system implemented for every Zones.

- Pet AI improved with better target selection and follow.

Death Knight:
- Necrotic strike fixed.
- Festering strike now count Ebon Plague also for damage calculation.

- More than 200 Quest got improved or new scripts. Selected by analyzing your Questing and leveling routes.

Sargeras 7.1.5

Mythic+ Dungeons:
- New M+ difficulties added up to Mythic+ LvL 20!
- Item level drops are increased in new difficulties.

- PvP rewards are now starting from ilvl 865 up to ilvl 915.
- Fixed the issue where PvP items are get unreal secondary stats.

- Bloodtalons talent fixed.

PvE Zone reworks:
- Elwynn Forest
- Durotar
- Northern Barrens
- Northern Stranglethorn
- Uldum
- Tanaris
- Feralas
- Mount Hyjal
- Duskwood
- Arathi Highlands
- Eversong Woods
- Kezan
- Howling Fjord
- World Quests


Monthly Changelog - May

Sargeras 7.1.5

We added two new Mythic+ Dungeons (fully retail scripted and every part reworked):
- Court of Stars
- Maw of Souls

We changed the following spell's damage coeff, and used the 7.1.5 Retail formula in the PvE, and the 7.3.5 formula in the PvP calculations. All classes get fixed soon in this Month.

- Slam
- Hamstring
- Storm Bolt
- Shockwave
- Rampage
- Odyn's Fury
- Warbreaker

- Agony
- Drain Soul
- Haunt
- Siphon Life
- Corruption
- Shadowburn
- Conflagrate
- Chaos Bolt
- Shadow Bolt
- Demonbolt
- Shadowflame

Druid Spells/Talents/Traits:
- King of the Jungle fixed, increases your damage and your movement speed.
- Soul of the Forest now restore the correct amount of energy/combo point used.
- Thorns now slow the enemy for 4 sec instead of 8 sec.
- Ferocious Wound fixed, works only at one target in the same time.
- Flap doesn't trigger our Anti-Cheat system anymore.
- Tooth and Claw fixed. Enraged Maul is on your General Spellbook for safety reasons.
- Molerne's Swiftness now always gives you 100% movement speed. Feline Swiftness doesn't stack anymore.
- Moonfire fixed, now deal instant damage too while you are in Bear Form.
- Rend and Tear both of part fixed on this talent.
- Frenzied Regeneration fixed, now heal minimum 5% of your maximum health.
- Earthwarden fixed, auto attack damage reduced and can be stacked 3 times.
- Moonfire fixed, now deal instant damage too while you are in Bear Form.
- Savage Momentum fixed, now always reset the remaining cooldown on Tiger's Fury.
- Power of Goldrinn fixed, now always hit the enemy, not the caster.
- Celestial Guardian fixed, works only while you are in Bear Form.
- Eclipse fixed, works with both of Alignment spells.
- Focused Growth fixed, can be stacked on multiple targets.
- Essence of G'Hanir fixed, works only with the renewed hots like on retail in the patch 7.1.5.
- Ashamane's Bite now has the correct chance to proc.
- Stonebark fixed, works only with the renewed hots like on retail in the patch 7.1.5.
- Blood Frenzy fixed, now generate rage from every target hitted by Thrash directly.

Warrior Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Charge now dont get cooldown when you try to use while rooted/freezed.
- Intercept now has the correct damage reduction aura.
- Death Sentence affected Execute now usable while rooted/freezed without the Charge effect.
- Sharpen Blade fixed, gives the correct amount of Heal Reduction to your target.
- Defensive Stance now has the correct active visual.

Death Knight Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Castigator fixed, Scourge Strike critical strikes now consume two stacks of Festering Wound.
- Pestilent Pustules now gives you 1 Rune every 6 Festering Wound consumed.
- Necrosis now works with Clawing Shadows too.
- Wandering Plague fixed, but the spreading is not implemented yet.
- Dark Arbiter fixed, damage increases by every Rune Power you spent.
- Necrotic Strike got a new absorb calculation template, and it is works well now.
- Death Strike fixed, got a new heal calculation template.
- Breath of Sindragosa fixed, the effect will continue if you just got the required amount of Runic Power.
- Hungering Rune Weapon now always refreshed after entering to arena/bg match.
- Scourge of Worlds fixed, now increases the damage of your Clawing Shadows too.
- Ebon Fever fixed, the damage done of your Virulent Plague has been increased using this talent.
- Deathchill fixed, Death Grip now apply Chains of Ice, and root the target who already affected by Chain.
- Tremble Before Me now have retail chance to apply instead of 100%.
- Runic Attenuation optimalized and doesn't remove that Runic Power what you just got.
- Mirror Ball now removes harmful spells with Anti-Magic Shell.
- Volatile Shielding now makes Anti-Magic Shell absorbing 35% more damage if you use this talent.
- Shattering Strikes now increases the damage of your Off-Hand Frost Strike too.

Paladin Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Divine Punisher fixed, chain doesn't reset when an other Paladin use an another spell.
- Lawbringer now works on other targets too who affected by your previous Judgment's.
- Hallowed Ground now works on targets too who not in your party/raid.

Warlock Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Absolute Corruption makes the refreshed Corruption lasts 3 min again.
- Reap Souls trait doubling effect got a new template, and we wait the feedbacks.
- Rot and Decay fixed, now refresh every single dots on your target.
- Entrenched in Flame now works with Conflagrate and Shadowburn too.
- Grimoire of Service now doesn't disappear randomly from the players.
- Demonwrath now consumes the correct amount of your mana.
- Hand of Gul'Dan summoned imps now instantly start combat on your main target.
- Demon Skin now has a new template what works more smooth in PvP combat.
- Seed of Corruption now gives the target 3m long Corruption, if you have Absolute Corruption talent.
- Sow the Seeds off-target applied Seed of Corruptions now detonates too.
- Essence Drain fixed, reduces the damage of your enemies deal to you.
- Grimoire of Synergy fixed, now has the real proc chance.

Monk Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Ring of Peace range reworked and optimalized.
- Chi Torpedo now can be used in every zone. No more "wrong zone" error message.
- Eye of the Tiger now has the correct tooltip and heal the Monk.
- Double Barrel has the correct stun aura now, and removes the Double Barrel Buff from the user.
- Special Delivery damage calculation reworked and fixed.
- Chi Burst now heal the users too at the casting position.
- Blackout Combo part: Keg Smash fixed. Tooltips works too.
- Disable fixed, duration reduced to 8 sec on PvP target.
- Windwalking fixed, does not disappear anymore randomly from the players.
- Vivify now target the injured allies first instead of random.
- Zen Flight fixed and enabled in all outdoor zones except Broken Isles.

Hunter Spells/Talents/Traits:
- Ranger's Net no longer has unique DR. You cannot permanently root your target anymore.
- Trueshot now makes your spells enpowered, gives them 100% chance to add Hunter's Mark on your target.
- Marked Shot doesn't spend focus anymore if you didn't casted sucessfully.
- Trueshot Mastery focus restoration fixed.
- Bursting Shot has the correct disorient aura now.
- Arcane Shot focus restoration fixed.
- Posthaste now works on Harpoon too.
- Fury of the Eagle damage increases by Mongoose Fury stacks has been fixed.
- Lone Wolf now doesn't disappear when you teleport or enter arena/battleground/instance.
- Spider Sting now silence the target when casting offensive spells.
- Blink Strikes now trigger a secondary move script, what help your pet come out from stucked positions.
- Wild Protector fixed and works without party/raid too.
- The Beast Within now works only if you have active talent.

Other Fixes:
- Illusion: Mending added to the vendor.
- Recipe: Gigantic Feast now have the retail extended cost.
- Recipe: Small Feast now have the retail extended cost.
- Fel-Proof Goggles added and can be looted.
- Outrider's Bridle Chain fixed and gives you the correct gender morph.
- Accursed Tome of the Sargerei now available in battlegrounds too.
- Winter Veil Disguise Kit fixed, requirement added (Snowball).
- Fel Orc Neophyte now can be attackable.
- Nascent Fel Orc now can be attackable.
- Broggok now can be attackable and the gate opened after encounter completed.